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Arizona Senate Border Security,Federalism and State Sovereignty Chaired by State Senator Sylvia Allen

It’s a long hearing but you need to listen and take notes on what we have been dealing with in Arizona and all the Western States. Ron Paul says he will eliminate the Department of Ag and Interior. It can not happen soon enough. This may not be in your back yard , but it could be. States must step up and take control of their state lands. It’s not federal land it is federal mismanaged land. The land belongs to us not these bureaucratic agencies.

Obama, Is Georgia on your mind?  It will all start to unravel soon!

TEA PARTY VIDEO January 26, 2012 Eligibility Trial ARTICLE II SUPER PAC WILL PROVIDE GAVEL TO GAVEL LIVE VIDEO COVERAGE FROM THE 3 BALLOT CHALLENGE HEARINGS IN ATLANTA GEORGIA STARTING 9 AM ET THE LIVE STREAM Link SEEN HEREJanuary 23, 2012 (TPATH)- Atlanta – Local news coverage of the court hearings on Thursday of this […]

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TAS: Herman Cain for President Links and Banners

  Home About 9-9-9 Plan The Issues Events Newsroom Contact Us Store Donate Herman Cain President 2012 9-9-9 Scoring Tables 9-9-9 Scoring Report 9-9-9 Brochure Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 Plan Vision for Economic Renewal The natural state of our economy is prosperity. Freedom ensures that. In order to return to prosperity, Government must get off our […]

The Glass-Steagall Act must be restored

Glass-Steagall Act FDR ~ THE MAN WHO CONFIRMED THE GLASS STEAGALL ACT Introduction to the Glass-Steagall Act Power Of Glass-Steagall Act: A Blow Against British Monarchy’s London Banks ~ Monarchy Threatens With War If Passed! Causes For and Brief History of Glass-Steagall Act Carter Glass and Henry Steagall Restrictions and Repeals in the Bank Holding […]