Raising Up an Orwellian Generation

By John W. Whitehead 10/11/2010 If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face–forever. –George Orwell When my granddaughter was a baby, she was blissfully unaware of the fact that she was under constant &#…

SA@TAC - Rating Conservative "Ratings"

Republican politicians who tout their American Conservative Union rating do so to distract from their big government record and are citing a ranking system that essentially means nothing.

[editorial commnent: Southern Avenger just keeps getting better and better! we ♥ you Jack Hunter!]

November is Coming; a Video by Ben Howe

And with it, the conservative tidal wave
Via Ben and Caleb Howe;

Make it viral.
Every race contested as much as we can – every voter we can muster out to vote. We can do this. We will do this.

Constitutional Alliance:  New book and DVD – Your Body is Your ID

It has been a long time coming; the Constitutional Alliance’s book and DVD are now available.  Our hope is to reach as many citizens as possible.  We went to great lengths to get input from people that knew little or nothing about our work . . . (originally posted http://constitutionalalliance.org August 30, 2010)

UWS Radio Marathon September 15, 2010

On September 15, 2010 our international lineup includes: Karen Kolland, Werner Altnickel, Urs Hans, Charlie Farrier, Steve Jolly, Rick Margetts, Rama, Michael Badnarik, Adrian Salbuchi, Hal Anthony, Joyce Reilly, Cindy Sheehan, Karen Tostado, Sam Attero, Dr. Marylin Joyce, Schaeffer Cox, Charles Erwin and more…

Step Away From The Hammer Mr. President

Thanks to the folks at 912 Omaha for sharing these two gems with everyone, thought we’d pass along: The songwriter’s website is here. Send this page to Print Friendly Email this to a friend? Share this on Facebook Tweet This! Share this on del.icio.us Blog this on Blogger Email this via Gmail Email this via […]

Delia Lopez for Congress: Full Speed Ahead!

Wow things are really happening. We just finished our first radio ad! Editor’s note: Revolution Broadcasting Radio Blitz September 16, 2010. Tune in and Donate to Delia!

Thank you to all who donated. We have people canvassing everywhere, people calling at the Oregon City Victory Office and from the privacy of their own homes. My h…

Netflix Queue Bomb!

Netflix has finally added the film to their site as a “Saved” title. If you have a Netflix account, add the film to your Queue. You can give it a star rating and write a review too!
If the film gets enough Queues, Netflix will officially acquire it and make it widely available to their millions […]

Earl Blumenauer was asked by a young man about his actions and aspects of his financial support and voting record.
August 28, 2010. Earl Blumenauer refuses to answer simple questions about his record and literally runs from the young constituent becaus…

Earl Blumenauer brought MAX train to Portland and created congestion on purpose. Does he find congestion exciting, or is this part of the master plan to get everyone to take the train and bus? Click this link and judge for yourself:

In 1670, the right of jurors to judge both the law and the facts became part of British constitutional law. It ultimately became part of American constitutional law as well, but you’d never know it listening to jury instructions today almost anywhere in the country. With only a few exceptions, juries are explicitly or implicitly told to worry only about the facts and let the judge decide the law. The right of jury nullification has become one of the legal system’s best kept secrets.