OKay — This is Blatant via Yahoo News — First, Third, Fourth — May be a New Way to Count

We can talk about First and Third and Fourth, but only one sentence in entire article about he who must not be named in second place Ron Paul. Could it be that the people really do have a champion who can stand up to the MSM? Is there one candidate who will tell us the truth? Will we be able to see beyond the media spin and do something about actually reducing the size and scope of government? I pray so… Continue reading

Constitution Day is September 17th – Honoring Ron Paul Champion of the Constitution and Defender of Same

R3publicans invite you to celebrate the Constitution Day on Saturday, September 17th. We are honoring, Ron Paul Champion of the Constitution, and defender of same for a lifetime of service and dedication to principle. He is a man of integrity, who has stood and voted and educated many. He is a man of faith who walks the talk. Thank you Ron Paul for showing us the way to Restore our Republic. Thank you for restoring honor to being a Republican. Thank you for teaching us that we can defend life and liberty in our land in our time! Continue reading

Doug Wead Asks -- How will they get rid of Ron Paul?

What to do about Ron Paul? Congressman Ron Paul, now third in national polls, passing Michelle Bachman, is throwing a wrench into the whole presidential contest. The insider establishment is divided over just how to respond. At stake are the unlimited treasures of the Federal Reserve. This private piggy bank of the American-Elite has been […]

Tom Pauken to Heritage (2010) Bringing America Home and the Reagan Coalition

How did America go from having the strongest economy in the world to facing our most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression? How did the Bush Administration squander the political capital that Goldwater-Reagan conservatives took more than three decades to build? What became of an American culture that once was guided by the principles of Christianity? In Bringing America Home, Tom Pauken not only explains how we lost our way, but also shows how our founding principles can help us find our way back.