Time Report: Paul Values Voter Summit Transcript

And this is when they came up with the just-war principles, saying, yes, war could be necessary, but only under dire circumstances, and it should be done with great caution. All other efforts should be exhausted before we go to war, and always under the proper authority. And today I think the proper authority is not the U.N. or the NATO forces to take us to war. (Cheers, applause.) Continue reading

OKSAFE Notes from OEDC Summit: The New Oklahoma Economy – Global, Social, Sustainable, Strategic

OK-SAFE, Inc. Oklahoma’s Economic Development Council (OEDC) recently held its’ annual summit, October 3-4, 2011, in Norman, OK. The title of this year’s summit was “The New Oklahoma Economy – Global, Social, Sustainable, Strategic” and, as the title suggests, our “better” are planning the future for the rest of us. In a nutshell – the […]

Two weeks ago, in Emory, Texas: Fighting this cancer has placed us in two extreme locations to live this year. One elevation 10,000 feet on top of a volcano in a city of over 2 million inhabitants, the next 400 … Continue reading

R3s: Black This Out IS the Tipping Point

Black This Out is the tipping point of a political revolution. It is the artistic and cultural angle that this movement has been missing.

Political arguments are ignored by most people. Society is inundated with other kinds of entertainment and artistic movements. Most of American culture pays attention to movies, celebrities, and music. Continue reading

Transcending the Typical Trans-Canada Talking Points

Looks like the route comes through Oklahoma. Heads up everyone! This report is from Nebraska: Very many eyes and ears seem to be focused on the TransCanada pipeline issue at present and that’s understandable considering there is a U.S. State Department Hearing today in Lincoln. Clearly there are many interested Nebraskans if the hearing is to be convened at the Pershing Center. Recently, Shelli spoke with someone who stated that… more

Black THIS Out — a Money Bomb with attitude – October 19th for Ron Paul

We are sick of your lies, and your refusal to admit Ron Paul is a frontrunner for the GOP nomination. The media BLACKOUT immediately after the 2012 Ames Straw Poll proves just how far the media will go to suppress the message of freedom. This is the last straw!

We will not let you dictate who we should vote for. This October 19th will go down as one of the greatest grassroots donation efforts in history. We will do it WITHOUT you.

So go ahead, BLACK THIS OUT!
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OKay — This is Blatant via Yahoo News — First, Third, Fourth — May be a New Way to Count

We can talk about First and Third and Fourth, but only one sentence in entire article about he who must not be named in second place Ron Paul. Could it be that the people really do have a champion who can stand up to the MSM? Is there one candidate who will tell us the truth? Will we be able to see beyond the media spin and do something about actually reducing the size and scope of government? I pray so… Continue reading