Tom Pauken to Heritage (2010) Bringing America Home and the Reagan Coalition

How did America go from having the strongest economy in the world to facing our most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression? How did the Bush Administration squander the political capital that Goldwater-Reagan conservatives took more than three decades to build? What became of an American culture that once was guided by the principles of Christianity? In Bringing America Home, Tom Pauken not only explains how we lost our way, but also shows how our founding principles can help us find our way back.

Happy Birthday Ron Paul Moneybomb – August 20th

Ron Paul will be celebrating his 76th Birthday on Saturday, August 20, 2011.

Moneybomb Opportunity!

We are celebrating his great 2nd place finish in the Iowa Straw Poll recently. This was such an important step on the way to the white house. In addition, his new ad is out and being aired in early caucus states now. We need funds to keep it on air and increase the target market. To participate in the moneybomb, you can submit your pledge on Facebook and sign up for one of the many coalition pages there also.

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Brilliant waves of light penetrate through this haze called life in the twinkle of an eye as the soul erupts into creations most beautiful symphony of sights and sounds this first step into ‘forever’ —Janny’s entrance into heaven. Wrapped in … Continue reading