Jason Murphey

Mark Cuban gave an interview to Inc. Magazine last week. The resulting article attributed to Cuban the statement, “There’s no law against stupid!”

My immediate thought upon seeing the quote was, ” …it’s not for lack of trying.”

Each year legislators do their best to create new laws that represent a significant expansion of state government regulatory power designed to protect the pub… more

Last August, I compared the final days of legislative session to a spring storm in Oklahoma and told of the many Oklahomans who have learned over the years to predict stormy weather. During the early afternoon hours prior to an evening outbreak, we can… more

This is the time of year when legislators start to focus on what should arguably be the most important part of their job, the development of the state budget.

Unfortunately, there is a not-so-hidden secret that will shock and surprise most taxpayers… more

Over the past eight years I have enjoyed the opportunity to closely observe the work of five separate Speakers of the House and their leadership teams. I have attempted to learn all I can about the strengths and weaknesses of the different leadership styles and apply the lessons I’ve learned.

I have noticed two types of House Speakers. One group created an environment conducive to productivit… more

It’s the time of year when legislators’ email inboxes are overflowing with requests to vote one way or another. Email provides immediate access and it’s probably the best way to share your opinion with your elected official. However, through the next f… more

State Representative Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie, has been designated by Government Technology magazine as one of the top 13 Tech-Savviest legislators in the United States.

This designation is the second recently provided to Murphey by Government Techno… more

There has been overwhelming interest expressed in a town hall meeting to address the recent earthquake swarms which have been plaguing this area of the state. People are naturally concerned, and they want answers.

Based on the voluminous feedback I’ve… more