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The first warning sign happened last year on April 2nd of 2014. By a 20-3 vote, a legislative committee unexpectedly approved a 30 million dollar diversion of transportation funding. Though that effort didn’t gain traction, I was shocked by the insens…

Oklahomans are coming to terms with the decision of this year’s Legislature to slow the amount of motor vehicle funds going to roads and bridges and to substantially raid the existing funds.

It’s a sudden and unexpected pivot because the effort to red…

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During the last fifteen months I have mostly resisted the temptation to write about my feelings regarding the current state of transparency in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. This may seem perplexing to my regular readers because up until March …

Imagine owning a business and entering into a contract with a vendor. As you prepare to sign the contract, the vendor puts forward one final stipulation. He wants you to hire an employee with the sole mission of perpetually negotiating with you to change the terms of the contract to better favor the vendor. You will essentially be paying someone to negotiate on behalf of your counterparty. This…

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I [Jason Murphey] have recently written about bills from the last legislative session which mostly escape wide public purview but contain far reaching policy. The news has been mostly positive as I have either described harmful bills which were defeated, or good policy which won approval.

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This next week features primary elections on Tuesday, June 24, and our earthquake town hall meeting on Thursday, June 26.

Those who have any question about their voter registration status or where to vote on Tuesday may utilize the state election boar… more

Area state representatives Lewis Moore, R-Arcadia and Jason Murphey, R-Guthrie will host a town hall meeting at 7pm on the evening of June 26th inside of the Waterloo Road Baptist Church located at 3100 E. Waterloo Road in Edmond.

The meeting will fe… more

Each year legislators sponsor just over 2,000 bills. Many never receive a vote and a State Representative can expect to cast about 1000 votes during the year. About 400 bills actually become law. 90% of these fly completely under the radar of public pe… more

Mark Cuban gave an interview to Inc. Magazine last week. The resulting article attributed to Cuban the statement, “There’s no law against stupid!”

My immediate thought upon seeing the quote was, ” …it’s not for lack of trying.”

Each year legislators do their best to create new laws that represent a significant expansion of state government regulatory power designed to protect the pub… more

Last August, I compared the final days of legislative session to a spring storm in Oklahoma and told of the many Oklahomans who have learned over the years to predict stormy weather. During the early afternoon hours prior to an evening outbreak, we can… more