Property Rights

Sheriff Palmer continues to stand with the Constitution.

We must stand behind our County Sheriffs ,. They are our best offense and defense in fighting tyrannical government agencies, state and federal. Our goal is to encourage every County Sheriff west of the 100 meridian to stand with Sheriff Glenn Palmer. America support your local county Sheriff. We are going to win this fight. At the end of the day, local jurisdiction rules. The key is to never enter into a cooperative agreement with a federal or state agency. Ask me and I will explain. Once again Sheriff Palmer, I salute you Sir!

Arizona Sheriff Cites Flood of Border Agents Confirming Feds’ No Apprehension Policy.

Rock on Sheriff Dever, Sheriff Babeu and the ICE/BP whistleblowers. These individuals are indeed true American heroes, pledging their lives, fortunes and sacred honor for a righteous cause. For me, the central question here is why would the Administration take such politically hazardous risks as Project Gunwalker and this active manipulation of UDA/Cartel stats – for the sole purpose of constructing a thinly veiled and potentially explosive deception for the American public? Besides being somewhat ignorant at times, completely confident that they are absolutely untouchable, and subscribing to Open Borders and One World Society agendas – just how does the Cloward-Piven Strategy play into this? […]

Immigration: A State or Federal Issue?

The Arizona controversy has resulted in a debate over immigration and legislation dealing with issue in other states. Questions arise about jurisdiction, birthright citizenship and state sovereignty. What does the Constitution say and what is the histo…

The End of the Republic? by Paul Perry Sun, Feb 13, 2011, 01:01 AM “I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, of everything dear to the American character.” – Lt. Col. William Barret Travis, the Alamo, … Continue reading …

Okies get Mapped!  GIS For Sustainable Development

GIS for planning and community development solving global challengesPlanners engage in a plethora of activities, but their work generally reflects the tension among three main competing interests: equity, economy and the environment, also known as the …

Kaye Beach Dec 28, 2010 Surfing the ‘Net’ tonight, this article caught my eye. Conservation Easements (CEs)*:Read the fine print before you sign The fact that it caught my eye is solely due to the fact that I have been doing … Contin…

Federal and State Sovereignty Threat You May Not Know About

A simple search on Google for the term “sustainable development” with the “images” tab selected yields a veritable treasure trove of images, many of which are similar to the one above.  Of course the term “sustainable development” sounds so good – who doesn’t want development that is sustainable? BUT, I don’t know about anyone else, […]

There is tremendous interest about the upcoming November 2, 2010 election in Oklahoma.  In addition to all the state-wide races, there are 11 state questions to be decided.  Some of these questions, like SQ 744 on Education Funding, have gotten a lot of attention and have been discussed in depth by other groups.  (We like to […]

A “FUNERAL” to Mark the Death of Property Rights in Australia

           On this weeks “The Road to Liberty with Howard Houchen” show, I interview Debra Medina, former Texas gubernatorial candidate and President of We Texans, about Property Rights and ownership in Texas and the rest of America.  For those of us who pay close attention to this most fundamental aspect of Liberty, we understand that […]