GOP Gives the NPV a Big Thumbs Down!

Just as Rep. Matt Lori (R)  was set to re-introduce the National Popular Vote here in Michigan the GOP National Committee voted of a resolution opposing it. “Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus and other officials said their aim was to send a message to state legislatures around the country that that the GOP is …

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one man has stood apart

stood strong and true

voting against every tax increase every unbalanced budget every time

standing up to the washington machine

guided by principle

ron paul

the one who will stop the spending

save the dollar

create jobs…

Media Manipulation Message of the Iowa Straw Poll?  GretaWire Thread is Interesting, Green Map is Astounding and Comments are Revealing …

Are you getting tired of the media deciding what news you get and spinning it to the death of reporting what really happened? If so you may want to find your own sources of news. Or better yet attend the events, meet the candidates and make your own decisions. Over 16000 people did so in Iowa this weekend and the portion of them that selected Ron Paul were not represented well in the media even though all the Republican candidates are now bending their talking points to reach for his followers. They can read the polls. They know the freight train is headed their way and they must have time to get you behind Bush II via Rick Perry. But more on that problem soon. Right now we want you to see some things not reported to you via the MSM.