Visit Grassroots in Nebraska to see the videos and be aware this topic is edgy so the humor is as well — viewer discretion recommended. We guarantee a laugh at the parody. We suspect you will also shed a tear over the continuing loss of freedom at o…

Michigan: Call to Convention

Fellow Conservatives Precinct Delegates, Congratulations! The success of the Tea Party movement is keeping the serious issues we face in restoring our state and Republic, the public spot light combined with activism has resulted in an historic election. However, this … Continue reading

Focusing Only On Fiscal Issues & Economy HUGE Mistake

This three video series lasting approximately 30 minutes is worth the watch. Speaking to a church congregation, Ann Coulter entertains with her typically cutting wit. Beyond that, however, she speaks to essentially every pressing issue of the moment and the political forces at work. In some ways Coulter’s wit is cutting because she is one […]

People Voting With Their Feet: Leaving High Tax, Union States

As data is being analyzed from the 2010 Census, it is becoming clear that people are voting with their feet, opting to leave high tax states. Migration from the high tax to low tax states is resulting in shifts within Congress, as The Washington Examiner article, below, reports. Nebraskans might find it interesting to note […]

OKC Rally to Restore Sound Money November 22nd

OKC Rally to Restore Sound Money November 22nd — Join us November 22, 2010 for a Nationwide Rally to Repeal the Fed and Restore Sound Money to America!

We will meet at the Chase Tower – 11 PM to 1 PM
100 N Broadway, Oklahoma City, OK 73102