Google Ron Paul Twitter Bomb Set for June 13th

Google #RonPaul Twitter Bomb set for June 13th. This will be a good opportunity for all Ron Paul fans to practice their twitter skills. If you are new to twitter it is a good way to make friends and share information online. Join in the fun on Monda…

Marketing 101:  We are the Ad Agency

This post was written for Ron Paul and his campaign and discovered on RonPaulForums, but the concept is important for how we convey information on issues and policy matters also. Please take time to ponder the wisdom embedded, the marketing information expertise, and the potentially pertinent information for things you are working on and promoting in your own sphere of influence. Special thanks to Jordan for writing and permitting Constitutional Liberty Coalition to share the great info!

Marketing 101: If Ron Paul is the Product — We are the Ad Agency. We need to tell the world why they should vote for him [Ron Paul] in language that is convincing to them, not language that is convincing to us.

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