The End of the Republic? by Paul Perry Sun, Feb 13, 2011, 01:01 AM “I call on you in the name of Liberty, of patriotism, of everything dear to the American character.” – Lt. Col. William Barret Travis, the Alamo, … Continue reading …

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Action Alert:  Please fax to Congressmen Now and Help Stop Extension of Patriot Act

Today Congress is voting on extending the Patriot Act. When this passed after 9/11 many of us were concerned about giving this much power to the Federal Government, but at that moment we had just been attacked and Bush was President so many of us went along with it, because it wasn’t supposed to be permanent. We knew if another Clinton got elected, Congress would end it by not renewing it.

Is DRIC Good for Michigan?

I posed some question that need to be answered before this huge undertaking and project of Gov. Snyder should even begin to take place. It’s your tax dollar and your state! You need to know all the details! As always please contact your Representatives to provide answers and to make your voice heard. Remember, they …

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Washington County GOP Precinct Meetings set for January 31 / reset for Feb 7

Make plans to attend your precinct meetings today in whatever state you live in. Know when they occur and be there!

Be salt and light in your county.

If you want some resolutions to take to your meeting here are some samples posted recently on OKGrassroots. Start the discussion in your precinct and mobilize forces at your capitol during the legislative session with OK-Safe .

This question has popped up a few times recently, and I realized just how much of a misconception has been instilled by the media concerning Ron Paul on social issues. One problem that many Republicans have with Ron Paul is that they think he is not s…

The Hill writes on Ron Paul’s 2nd Place in Recent NH Straw Poll

The Hill’s Pundits Blog by Brent Budowsky goes on to say not to underestimate Ron Paul’s potential strength if he enters the presidential campaign. Good news for the entire country to finally have more people of principle entering races across the land and talking about our founding fathers, ethics, core values, sound money, fiscal sanity and restoring the republic! Keep praying folks~

OOPS! GiN Meeting Date Correction: Monday January 10!

I definitely make mistakes on occasion. Today I made one when a broadcast information about an upcoming meeting. My apologies to all for my error and any confusion I’ve caused. To clarify, the meeting is: Monday, January 10th 7:00pm – 8:30pm The location is in Lincoln. As explained in my original post, it doesn’t seem […]