Grassroots Republicans Welcome Victories!

Republicans have been presented with a double-edged sword of opportunity with Tuesday’s victories. Republican officials have been presented with a historic mandate to reverse policies and return to basic Constitutional principles. The Republican grassroots have shown their ability to get out the vote, make their voices heard, and effect a sea-change in government.

Although Tuesday may seem at first glance to have been a major victory, the potential exists for voters to sit back trusting the new Republican majority to take up the fight in defense of the Constitution.

…BUT URGE CONTINUED ACTION FOLLOWING TUESDAY’S ELECTIONS Tuesday began with many people wondering whether it would be a “good night” and exactly how the elections would turn out. The results were generally as expected, with Republicans winning…

The Tea Party movement has been instrumental in education and activism since the 1st Tea Party, February 27, 2009 fighting to protect our Constitution, our Republic and to restore our state and country to limited Constitutional government. Today the voters decide… Liberty or Tyranny! VOTER RESOURCES CLICK HERE to view your ballot, find your polling …

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ACTION ALERT: YOU Can Do Something About That Health Care Law

By Shelli Dawdy UPDATE: This article is generating a lot of interest and of course that is a very good thing. I am concerned, however, that people from other states may be disappointed when they discover the fact this is a particular call to Nebraskans to act. For those who ARE from outside NE, I […]

Fur Flying Over Journal Star Column on Progressivism By Shelli

By Shelli Dawdy The publishing of my editorial in the Lincoln Journal Star on Wednesday and resulting comments on the paper’s website is a good time to recall other GiN members’ articles and urge GiN members and site visitors to engage in the debate. At the beginning of October, the Lincoln Journal Star published three […]