The Tea Party movement has been instrumental in education and activism since the 1st Tea Party, February 27, 2009 fighting to protect our Constitution, our Republic and to restore our state and country to limited Constitutional government. Today the voters decide… Liberty or Tyranny! VOTER RESOURCES CLICK HERE to view your ballot, find your polling …

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ACTION ALERT: YOU Can Do Something About That Health Care Law

By Shelli Dawdy UPDATE: This article is generating a lot of interest and of course that is a very good thing. I am concerned, however, that people from other states may be disappointed when they discover the fact this is a particular call to Nebraskans to act. For those who ARE from outside NE, I […]

Fur Flying Over Journal Star Column on Progressivism By Shelli

By Shelli Dawdy The publishing of my editorial in the Lincoln Journal Star on Wednesday and resulting comments on the paper’s website is a good time to recall other GiN members’ articles and urge GiN members and site visitors to engage in the debate. At the beginning of October, the Lincoln Journal Star published three […]

Tribute to Ron Paul from The Atlantic oft called the Brain of the TeaParty

It does not seem at all far-fetched to think that Paul could have a much greater impact on the race than last time. The Republican primaries are sure to be about economic and size-of-government issues. The subject that hurt him last time, foreign policy, will probably take a backseat. Paul will not lack for resources, thanks to his legion of online donors. Reagan, the Republican hero, once endorsed him. And the party’s energy right now is at the grass roots, which also bodes well for him. If his economic message connects in Iowa and New Hampshire—well, who can say?

Meanwhile, the country is losing faith in its economic leaders. “I feel really good about what’s happening,” he told me. “I never dreamed of a day when so many people would be thinking about the Federal Reserve. I can draw crowds of thousands! The first time I mentioned Austrian economics when I spoke at the University of Michigan, they started to applaud. I thought, What in thunder is happening? What’s happening is, the education is occurring.”

Paul looked rapturous, and he leaned forward. “Two years ago,” he said, “if you’d had somebody come in and do what you should do on the recession, they’d probably be impeached in a week. But attitudes are changing—people are understanding economics differently.”