The CIA has a “high degree of confidence” that Putin hacked the election in favor of Trump. CNN reported that intelligence agencies had briefed Trump about an incriminating dossier. The document, compiled by a former British spy, implies Trump could be manipulated by Russia.  BuzzFeed published a whiz bang story revealing the dossier’s unverified contents. Intelligence Meanwhile FBI Director James

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Throughout my time in the Legislature I have observed House members struggle with their inability to achieve meaningful oversight over state agencies.

Here is how the public component of the legislative oversight has mostly been conducted:

At the start of session, Appropriations Subcommittee members spend twenty to thirty minutes on a hearing of each state agency’s budget request. Nothing happens for several months while the most powerful legislators conduct closed-door negotiations with agencies, other legislators and the Governor’s staff. With just a few days remaining in the session, legislative leaders emerge from behind the scenes and announce a “budget deal” and go to work lining up votes for the budget by telling legislators, “Either vote for the budget or we will be forced to call a special session which will cost the taxpayers thousands of dollars and make the Legislature appear weak in the eyes of the public.”

Coleman Announces U.S. Congressional Campaign for Oklahoma’s First District

Owasso – Andy Coleman is pleased to announce his candidacy for U.S. Congress, to represent Oklahoma’s First Congressional District. The district is currently represented by Congressman Jim Bridenstine, who previously announced his intention not to seek reelection following the current term.

The Republican primary election for this seat, in which Coleman would compete, is not scheduled until 2018. “I realize I am announcing extremely early, but I feel the need to do so because of my unique background that has kept me out of the public eye,” Coleman said. “I need more time to introduce myself to the voters and share my message.”

(Update 1/14: I received an immediate reply from Senator Smalley. He forwarded the email he was sending in response to the email and some background and thoughts. I have not received answers to my questions. As soon as I get them, I will post in red.)

I recently received a legislative alert from HSLDA regarding SB93 filed by Oklahoma Senator Jason Smalley. This bill addresses changes to current law regarding children IN DHS custody or ENTERING DHS custody. 

Unfortunately, in their email alert, HSLDA doesn’t provide a link to the bill (A BIG NO-NO) and only provides a brief, overall assessment of what the changes made by Smalley to the bill will accomplish. They then tell Oklahomans to contact Senator Smalley (they do provide his contact information) using a prefabricated letter.

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In a December interview with TheTulsaVoice.com, freshman State Rep. Carol Bush (R-Tulsa) made a series of comments on her policy views that were… unorthodox for a Republican, to say the least. The HD70 representative took liberal positions on taxes three times, said ObamaCare was the “wrong execution of the right idea”, and leaned left on social issues like abortion, marriage, and assisted suicide. She also said she was recruited to run for office by now ex-representative Jeannie McDaniel (D-Tulsa), who was one of the most liberal Oklahoma legislators in recent memory.

  Rep Kevin West responded to the concerns of Oklahomans regarding the high level of secrecy that the House Rules Committee Chairman, Josh Cockroft; is proposing to the committee charged with investigation recent sexual harassment scandals and cash settlements paid out. He posted the sentiments in a reply to Sooner Politics’ Facebook post. Republican leaders have joined the conversation and weighed in with concerns for transparency and accountability to the citizens. Sooner Tea Party Presid […]

Senators Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, and Rand Paul were among 9 Republicans who sided with the amendment. But 13 Democrats crossed over to kill the consumer empowerment measure.  In the late night vote-a-rama of Wednesday, A Minnesota senator pressed an amendment to a healthcare bill which involves the ability of uninsured consumers to leverage their limited assets by purchasing maintenance medications from Winnipeg pharmacies and other sources.  This is one issue whic […]

  Last night, Gov. Mary Fallin declared a winter weather emergency. Ice is now accumulating in the central and northern regions of the state. The following counties are now responding to their own specific public safety dangers: WARNINGSIce StormAlfalfa, OKBeaver, OKBlaine, OKCuster, OKDewey, OKEllis, OKGarfield, OKGrant, OKHarper, OKKay, OKKingfisher, OKLogan, OKMajor, OKNoble, OKPawnee, OKPayne, OKRoger Mills, OKTexas, OKWoods, OKWoodward, OK […]

  After walking out of the organizational meeting of the House Rules Committee, Rep. David Perryman (D-Chickasha), responded formally to Chairman Josh Cockroft in an open letter. Here is the text of that protest letter and alternative proposal… Chairman Cockroft,I am extremely disappointed in decisions that you have made regarding the special investigation requested by Speaker Charles McCall.  Speaker McCall has pledged transparency and accountability during his leadership. Likewis […]

  A leading voice of the Democrats in the Oklahoma legislature, Rep. David Perryman, has refused to pledge a secrecy oath as required by the Rules Committee Chairman, Josh Cockroft.   The story in today’s Tulsa World describes a showdown being played out in the state’s media. Here’s part of that dialogue: ​  Rep. David Perryman, D-Chickasha, walked out after refusing to sign a confidentiality agreement h […]

Former governor, Frank Keating, announced that he has agreed to direct the Oklahoma Council of Public Affairs.He further elaborated that former US Senator, Tom Coburn will also be a new member of the team at OCPA.

“We’re the two new guys at OCPA”. […]