Vote boxes  Trevor Brown reports on Oklahoma Watch… “A more than four-year legal challenge to overturn Oklahoma’s voter identification law was rejected earlier this week by a state district court judge who upheld the constitutionality of the measure.  Oklahoma County District Court Judge Aletia Haynes Timmons dismissed the case Monday after hearing arguments from lawyers representing the Oklahoma State Election Board and […]

McLaughlin Group  For nearly 40 years, John McLaughlin never missed a weekly installment of his beltway punditry show, “the McLaughlin Group”, on PBS stations. John missed his broadcast for the first time, last weekend. He died today.John McLaughlinTelevision PersonalityJohn McLaughlin was an American television personality and political commentator. He created, produced, and hosted the political commentary series The McLaughlin Group. WikipediaBorn: March 29, 1927, Providence, RIDied:& […]

paul blairDr. Tom Coburn Endorses Edmond’s Paul Blair for State Senate(August 16, 2016)    Former U.S. Senator, Dr. Tom Coburn, is wholeheartedly endorsing Paul Blair for State Senate in next week’s GOP primary runoff election.  Dr. Coburn praises…

ankle-bracelet_origFor decades, politicians competed in the state legislature, for the claim of ‘who’s tougher on crime’. It was a devastatingly expensive contest. Not for politicians, but for those of us who pay the bills and write the checks to cover their campaign promises. Criminal justice is a very expensive part of the state’s budget, It got way too expensive in recent years. High energy sector taxes hid the problem, but now we face it for what it really is. Public safety is a core function of governmen […]

blackburn-craig_orig  In the days preceding the state primary election (June 28), a newly formed political action committee in Oklahoma City decided to spend a very large amount of money in a concentrated attempt to defeat a state senator in a district which is over 100 miles away. Sen. Nathan Dahm endured a massive and deceptive onslaught of media saturation. He faced 2 Republican challengers and will also face a general election challenge.​  The expenditures and the PA […]

jill stein and rocky de la fuente

L: Green Party nominee Jill Stein  ||  R: American Delta Party & Reform Party nominee Roque De La Fuente

US presidential hopefuls sue for access to Oklahoma ballot

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) —Two U.S. presidential hopefuls and some of their supporters in Oklahoma are suing the state, arguing its ballot-access laws unconstitutionally discriminate against third-party and independent candidates for president.

The lawsuit was filed last week in federal court on behalf of Green Party presidential nominee Jill Stein of Massachusetts and independent presidential candidate Roque “Rocky” De La Fuente of Florida. Three Oklahoma residents and Stein supporters also are listed as plaintiffs in the suit.

In a complaint filed in U.S. District Court in Oklahoma City, Tulsa attorney James Linger seeks an injunction to stop the Oklahoma Election Board from enforcing its ballot-access laws. An Election Board spokesman declined to comment on the lawsuit.

Read more from The Journal Record (subscription required) and KGOU.

Sooner Politics on Gender Requirements in SportsWhat started in the world of international track & field, may soon intrude upon US college sports.   In 2009, the South African middle-distance runner Caster Semenya was barred from competition and obliged to undergo intrusive and humiliating “sex testing” after fellow athletes at the Berlin World Championships questioned her sex. Ms. Semenya was eventually allowed to compete again, but the incident […]

freedom-index-oklahoma-cato_orig  The Liberty think tank, CATO Institute, recently released an in depth study of all 50 states and prescribed reforms for each state. Oklahoma ranks high, but just a few more reforms could result in leading the nation in personal & economic freedom. Oklahoma now ranks 3rd, as of 2014 comparisons. Among the Policy Recommendations are:Fiscal: Reduce the government payroll, and cut spending in areas well out of line with na […]

hippie-tree-hugger-header-665x385Confession: I am a tree hugger. I love trees. I love being in nature. I’m an herbalist, a gardener, a fewer-chemicals-the-better kind of gal. I abhor litter bugs. I care about the environment. I am also an anarchist so I do not advocate state solutions. I acknowledge that many of the environmental issues are blown […]

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