cuccinelli-tapper_orig  Despite the careful explanations, some mainstream media outlets insist of painting the rules controversy as a #NeverTrump effort to defeat the Tump nomination. This led to a Trump Delegate from Virginia spending a good deal of time with Jake Tapper of CNN.​  Let’s let Ken Cuccinelli explain his effort. Cuccinelli is the former Attorney General for Virginia. He and Morton Blackwell have worked hard to keep the RNC accountable to the grassroots local organizers and activists.The […]

trump nominatedDonald Trump is now the Republican nominee for President. Here’s the official vote tally from earlier this evening at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland:Donald Trump – 1,725Ted Cruz – 475John Kasich – 120Marco Rubio – 114Ben Carson – 7Jeb …

Oklahomans for Health BannerTulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution Only 3 weeks remaining. Now is the time to act.From Oklahomans for Health: Do you want legal medical marijuana in Oklahoma, and want to gather signatures, but are busy with bills and work? We are now paying $1 per pair of signatures, for all signatures submitted notarized by the deadline on Aug 11th at 5:00pm at the Capitol as long as we make the ballot. It’s looking good, but we still need to push hard this last three weeks and knock it out of the park.

plagiarism_orig  The accusations of plagiarism are once again flying around the political world. It’s not new and it’s not without significant credibility. There is no doubt among intellectually honest people. Melania’s speech was partly inspired by Michelle Obama’s 2008 convention address. Perhaps Mrs. Obama collected part of her remarks from other inspirations. ​  But did Joe Biden’s admitted plagiarism prevent him fr […]

OPE AdFor several weeks around this year’s primary election here in Oklahoma, the news media filed a number of stories about teachers frustrated by budget cuts, and lack of raises – dubbed ‘The Teacher Caucus’ – who were going to take matters into their own hands and run for political office to make changes in education policy at the state capitol (see blog #2).

So, who or what is the “Teacher Caucus” to which the media is referring?

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