witch-huntThe Blacklist is growing..  The global warming crowd has a new ally in the effort to kill opponents of their propoganda.  This morning, the shadowy group FakeNewsMonitor.org; launched a media blitz to push their new Chrome browser plug-in. ​Crowd sourcing Truth and Discretion  The service says that they use the opinions of anonymous ‘contributors’ and a web report from Alexa.com ( a subsidiary of Jeff Bezos’ Amazon.com empire) on web traffic, to prejudice web news repo […]


Fidel Castro finally got term limited. He died at age 90. Not a bad run considering he took power in 1959. Castro’s long reign outlasted 10 U.S. presidents. He retired in 2008. Ben Domenech at The Federalist thinks Castro’s big mistake was joining the wrong team – the Soviet Union. Another mistake may have been stealing U.S. owned businesses in Cuba.  That led to the

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danborenIn an announcement today, former Democrat congressman Dan Boren has decided against running for governor in 2018. This is essentially the Oklahoma Democratic Party conceding the race to the GOP, as Boren was their best (and perhaps only) shot at t…

electors  With all the national media just itching to find a weakness in the ranks of the 306 Presidential Electors pledged to Donald Trump, Oklahoma’s 7 Electors are having none of it. Several of them are now posting to their social media profiles that Trump will get their full and resolute support.​  The electors and alternates are expected to meet at the Oklahoma State Capitol on Dec. 19th.​  Sunday nigh […]