Grassroots in Nebraska (GiN)

Our mission is to actively promote a return to Constitutional government according to its original meaning, as the most effective avenue to encourage public policy that promotes personal responsibility, protects individual liberty and property, and guarantees limited government, sovereignty, and free markets.

Grassroots in Nebraska

Back by popular demand1Based on the amount of traffic to our site, specifically the number of visitors to election and sample ballot pages and articles and on traffic …continue, we’re providing a broad selection of sample ballots for May 15th’s Primary Election. To avoid confusion regarding the samples below (yes, there are quite a few), […]

Deb Fischer has been Nebraska’s U.S. Senator for six years now and is running for a second term.  Actually, she’s running in the primary seeking the right to run for that second term.  She didn’t draw a “bye” in the primary, unlike U.S. Representative Jeff Fortenberry.  On the contrary, she’s being primaried by a total […]

I spent a bit of time recently researching the various Republican primary candidates challenging Senator Deb Fischer for the U.S. Senate seat she currently occupies.  In the process, I couldn’t resist revisiting some vintage GiN.  And when I say that, I’m not talking about a dusty bottle of an adult beverage, but articles that were […]

The purpose of this article is to sketch a short history of Medicaid.  Why? “We study the past to understand the present; we understand the present to guide the future.”     — William Lund Nebraskans are, even now, being asked to sign a petition to put the question of whether to expand the state’s Medicaid program […]

We could begin this eulogy with a recitation of the usual facts and statistics, but we won’t. This is an unusual remembrance for an unusual lady: Shelli J. Dawdy. She admonished us to keep this short because, in her opinion, long obituaries grow boring. We have no doubt she would most like to be remembered […]

bentons-coalWhere you live, your day-to-day experiences gained through interacting with your physical environment, influence your political viewpoint. The Founders realized this. When the Electoral College was born through compromise in 1787, each former-colony-turned-state had a unique history and perspective giving rise to significant political differences between it and its neighbors. The Founders had to resolve […]