According to Sports Illustrated NFL broadcasts on CBS are down 10% over the first two weeks of the season from last year. NBC is down 7% and Fox is off 3%. Whether that’s due to hurricanes, players taking a knee or Trump’s executive tweet not to watch is unclear.

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ESPN removed Robert Lee from the University of Virginia. Not the statue. Robert Lee the announcer. He’s the guy scheduled to do the play by play for Virginia’s opening game against William & Mary. In the hope of avoiding offense, ESPN removed him from the game. Robert Lee and the Horse He rode in On

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Before game three of the NBA final series against Golden State, Number 23 noticed old Number 32 in the stands. LeBron James trotted over and bowed to Jim Brown. Brown was pleased. He called the salute, “one of my greatest sports moments.” One of his other great moments was The NFL Championship in 1964. It was Cleveland’s last major sports

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Sports Mascots Under Attack

Perhaps nowhere are politically correct mandates met with more opposition than in the arena of sports. Whether it’s a professional franchise, a college alma mater, or the local high school; the language police are insisting that there is racism, bigotry, worse yet, INSENSITIVITY!  But sometimes their protestations reveal more about their own prejudices than about the hearts and passions of the players on the teams. &nb […]

Muhammad Ali at the pearly gates

Muhammad Ali gave up the best years of his boxing career for something he believed in. He refused induction into the army during the Vietnam war. By the early 70’s most of the country was on his side and he became the greatest ever. That made me think of Bob Feller and Ted Williams. They gave up the

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Really, St. Louis? Dodgers vs. Cards is now about class warfare?

Gimmie a break From the St. Louis Post-Dispatch: @drewmagary @T_Rav_W I hope the Cards lose so badly their last two World Series trophies explode. — FEARED Dent (@forddent) October 11, 2013 Me too. UPDATE: Some good people live there, so it’s not about the city. I’m not sure, but I don’t think St. Louis ever […]