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Smart Meter Opt-Out: Are We There Yet?

Janice Cookston
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UPDATE: While both pieces of opt-out legislation failed this past legislative session, the PUC has since created a rule that allows electric customers in areas with retail competition to choose a non-standard meter as long as the customer pays for all costs associated with non-standard meter use. Charges will include a one-time fee and a recurring monthly fee. Customers who want to comment on the proposed charges (which are different for each Transmission and Distribution … Continue reading

With all the recent focus on the government shutdown, many will miss the fact that there is also an election just days away, early voting starts Monday and will run through Friday, November 1.  Texas voters will decide on nine amendments to the Texas Constitution.  View a sample ballot here  The Texas Constitution is a large and complex document because it is rare that constitutional amendments fail at the ballot box. With this in mind it is important to … Continue reading

Nix Prop 6: Public drain for private gain

Author: Terry Hall
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Rural water raid to benefit developers, not average Texan

Have you ever had a kid ask for seconds during a meal before he’s even finished what’s on his plate? Well, that’s what the Texas Legislature is asking of voters with Proposition 6 on November 5.

Lawmakers want Texans to pass this constitutional amendment to approve more funding for water projects. A similar measure narrowly passed in November 2011 for a $6 billion revolving fund to loan money to local government entities for water infrastructure, outside constitutional debt limitations. Now in 2013, the Texas Legislature is asking voters for permission to raid $2 billion from the state’s emergency fund, known as the Rainy Day Fund, to assist local agencies of government in funding water projects from the state’s water plan.

Sovereignty and Responsibility

On Tuesday, June 25, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down section 4 of the Voter Rights Act of 1965. This new ruling rightly restores the responsibility for protecting the right to vote on several states that were previously required to have federal oversight of their election laws. This ruling is a victory for state sovereignty, but with sovereignty comes responsibility. Which begs the question, is Texas ready and willing to accept that responsibility? Every ten … Continue reading

No Rest for the Weary Landowners and Their Advocates

As the Texas Tribune reported, we’ve started the ball rolling AGAIN asking for interim studies and public hearings on common carrier pipelines and eminent domain abuse in our state. We knew public input (pulling wisdom from the minds of men and women) would be an important element in the search for solutions to protecting private property and water while providing fertile ground for oil and gas development. There was ONE and only ONE public hearing … Continue reading

Janice Cookston
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Today marks the beginning of our third annual membership drive.  The bulk of the work we do is policy work that benefits us all: there is no customer and there is no fee.  So the only revenue we receive, the revenue we need to fund our operations comes from our members.  We need and appreciate your support. And every donation helps. We grew our ranks in 2012 and look forward to growing more in 2013.  … Continue reading

While the crony capitalism prevalent in Texas made national news headlines during the 2012 presidential campaign, the practice has not been curtailed.  One need only look to the ongoing saga between private property owners and pipelines in Texas to see that the politically influential continue to script law that grants them special privilege. The ability of legislators to convince the public of their commitment to the rule of law, private property rights and free markets … Continue reading

March 8, the bill filing deadline for the Texas legislature, was a very good day for We Texans. In addition to the filing of our property tax elimination bill and a common carrier/eminent domain reform bill, Rep. Giovanni Capriglione filed HB 3505: The Texas State Bullion Depository Bill More about this bill from our friends at
Janice Cookston
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Texas Sound Money: — The Depository would be a state agency under the purview of the State Comptroller. The … Continue reading