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Ron Paul beats Soetoro/obama in a National Poll

Poll: Ron Paul defeats Obama for the first time nationally — The State Column — Monday, February 27, 2012. Fans of Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul will rejoice upon hearing the following news: Congressman Paul (R-TX) has defeated President Barack Obama in a Rasmussen Reports daily presidential tracking poll of general election voters […]

GOA: Where Does Romney Stand Today on the Second Amendment?

Gun Owners of America today sent an Open Letter to Gov. Mitt Romney, asking him — yet again — to submit his survey responses to GOA.
“We sent you a questionnaire not once, not twice but three times now,” said GOA Vice Chairman Tim Macy.

Oklahoma R3s: Robo Call Info For Precinct Chairs – Targeted Calling for Ron Paul!

Tulsa R3’s – Ron Paul Revolution 2012 ATTENTION PRECINCT CHAIRMEN: This is our final week before the Primary next Tuesday!!! An effective, low cost way to get the name of Ron Paul into the targeted Republican homes in your precinct is the use of Robo calling.

Property Taxes, like Forced Insurance, is de facto Grand Theft, Extortion — made ‘Legal’!!!

Property Taxes, like forced insurance, is de facto grand theft, extortion, made legal!!

The UN, Japan, Canada, Australia, New York , can go to HELL!!!!!

A country that fears its government is Tyranny, a Government that fears its Citizens is Freedom!!!