May 28, 2014

“The Class of 2012 graduated with an AVERAGE financial hangover of $29,400. In more expensive parts of the country like the Northeast, four-year degree students owed even more – almost $34,000. We’re not just talking about a handful of students, either. More than 7 in 10 graduates had at least some debt when they got their degrees. The growth in debt is far outpacing the growth in income, too, rising at a rate of about 6 percent per year over the past half-decade. All told, student loan debt now totals around $1.1 TRILLION. That’s almost quadruple the level of a decade earlier. It’s now the single biggest category of consumer debt outside of home mortgages.” Continue reading

though the VA’s alleged abuse and neglect of US veterans is scandalous, the worse abuse comes from a president and a compliant Congress that send the US military to cause harm and be harmed overseas in undeclared, unnecessary, and illegal interventions.

“Gradually, making things in the US became less and less profitable. So, if you wanted to earn a good salary you had to go somewhere else. Finance, administration, accounting, law, education, or health care. The good jobs in these industries required college. That’s why you’re here. But wait, there’s more to the story. Unlimited credit also made it easier to support zombies and parasites. Government connived with industry to create quasi-monopolies, cartels, subsidies, guarantees and price supports. And the feds could add bureaucracy, controls, rules and regulations. For example, the education industry added few teachers, but lots of ‘educators’ and policy coordinators.” Continue reading

“Imperils the privacy of up to a million Canadians and creates a two-tier level of citizenship in this country, discriminating against citizens based on their ethnic origin. It could include so-called border babies, Canadians whose mothers gave birth across the border for medical reasons; Canadians who have returned after holding green cards for work in the U.S.; Canadian snowbirds who could be deemed ‘U.S. persons’ based on the length of their stay in the sun; and Canadians born to a U.S. parent who may have never set foot in the U.S. If you are a Canadian holding a joint account with a U.S.-born spouse, your financial information, too, could be headed to the files of the IRS — and perhaps beyond.” Continue reading

“The central planners at the G20 and OECD devised what they call a new ‘global standard’ of automatic financial information exchange between governments (i.e., GATCA) modeled on the US’s FATCA. However, GATCA would have never been possible in the first place had the US not cleared the path with FATCA. The G20 and OECD needed the US—the sole financial superpower (for now at least)—to strong-arm and cram down the throats of the rest of the world this privacy-killing measure. There’s no other entity on the planet with the capability to do so. The very big stick the US wielded was access to the US financial system and the world’s premier reserve currency.” Continue reading

As I mentioned at the close of “Government For And By The Few, Part 1″ we still had a chance to get HJR1026 out of the conference committee during the last week of the session.  Five Republican legislators stood in the way.  We told you we would name names, so here they are.  Senator Don […]more

ALBANY, NY, May 28, 2014 – Yesterday, the New York State Assembly passed a bill to set into motion the process for production and distribution of medical marijuana in the state, which would effectively nullify the unconstitutional federal prohibition on the same. Assembly Bill 6357 (A06357) sailed through the Assembly on Tuesday by a 94-36 margin. It…

At Forbes, Trevor Burrus: No Taxation Without Representation: How A Fundamental American Principle Is A Technicality To The New York Times (responding to this editorial in the New York Times).  From the introduction: The Origination Clause was included in the Constitution to ensure that the body that taxed the people, the House of Representatives, was also the most accountable to…