August 27, 2015

  State Labor Commissioner, Mark Costello’s body lied in repose on the 2nd floor rotunda of the state capitol. 

The Oklahoman reports:

The Apprehension Of Christian Costello

WARR ACRES — Mike Walkup struggles to find the words for what he witnessed Sunday evening.

That’s when Walkup, a freshman English teacher and head wrestling coach at Putnam City High School, made a trip to a Braum’s Ice Cream and Dairy Store on May Avenue in northwest Oklahoma City to grab dessert for dinner at his girlfriend’s house.

While shopping for ice cream, Walkup heard a commotion on the opposite side of the store. Stepping out from behind the shelves blocking his view, Walkup saw the gruesome scene of an older man on the ground being stabbed repeatedly by a younger man.

“Christian, stop!” Walkup heard.

“My mind instantly switched to thinking about what I could do to stop the situation,” Walkup recalled Tuesday.

SACRAMENTO, Ca. (Aug. 27, 2015) – Today, a power California Assembly Committee passed a bill that not only bolsters restrictions on state officials from seizing property without due process, but throws a wrench into federal efforts to do the same. Previously passed by the Senate, it moves one step closer to the Governor’s desk. Introduced by Sen.…

Honoring A Great Man  Oklahoma Labor Commissioner Mark Costello’s body is lying in repose in the second-floor rotunda of the state Capitol.  The wooden casket is flanked by two state troopers and will be on display at the Capitol from 10 a.m….

NASA Captures Giant Space Opal

The Twin Jet Nebula, or PN M2-9, is a striking example of a bipolar planetary nebula. (ESA/Hubble & NASA)


h/t Rick Tucker for the find

You heard it here first. According to a report I have before me, straight from the U.S. Senate, prominent Federal Reserve officials, including the presidents of the Federal Reserve Banks of New York and Philadelphia, have publicly endorsed legislation that would establish a bipartisan Monetary Commission authorized “to make a…

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Costello family asks mourners to support NAMI Oklahoma, with memorial gifts.

From: the Family of Labor Commissioner Mark Costello:

The outpouring of support from our fellow Oklahoman’s and others is a blessing to our family and a comfort during this very difficult time. For individuals wishing to offer their condolences, in lieu of flowers or other remembrances, it is our family’s preference that you consider a gift to the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Oklahoma. This is something that Mark would have desired and is a fitting way to honor his memory. 

Include with your gift a notation that this is to remember Mark and his dedication to helping others. Your gift will make a difference. 

From The Daily Beast:
Oklahoma Politician Never Gave Up on Killer Son

Commissioner Mark Costello and some of the rest of the Oklahoma attendees 
at the Americans For Prosperity National Conference, this past weekend.
  Mark Costello, the state’s labor commissioner, worked tirelessly for better mental-health treatment for his son, who fatally stabbed him on Sunday evening.
  The Oklahoma labor commissioner fatally stabbed by his 26-year-old son refused to give up on him. Instead, he struggled to find longer-term mental health treatment for the young man’s schizophrenia, sources told The Daily Beast.

“Mark was trying to do the right thing to help his son, Christian, because of his mental health issues. Nobody in their right mind would do what [Christian] did yesterday,” a source close to the family told The Daily Beast.  “Christian suffered some paranoid delusions regarding his parents, that they were plotting against him, that sort of thing,” the insider added.