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What Do you See?  What is on Your Mind?

What Do you See? What is on Your Mind?

When you encounter a situation, what do you see? Do you see the glass half empty or the glass half full? How you perceive a matter may effect the way you respond to it. What is the proper response? I am not going to tell you the answer, because I do not know for you. I only know what I am learning — albeit very slowly.

What we see is not the entirety of a matter. We can only see from our limited perspective. We cannot know another’s heart in the matter; we don’t even know our own most of the time.

Trump’s Pence Pick

Trump’s Pence Pick


Donald Trump chose Indiana governor Mike Pence as his running mate and designated adult. Here are 10 things the Washington Post wants you to know about Pensce. Update: Oops. In light of the truck massacre in Nice, Trump has postponed his announcement. Still off the leash for now.

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