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R3publican: Racism in Virginia

R3publican: Racism in Virginia

BY IWB · AUGUST 13, 2017

by tsukeisawa

In the aftermath of the events in Virginia the mainstream media were united in their message. They uniformly asked how was it possible that in this day and age this many people were joining organizations advocating for the rights of whites? This was their attempt to push the blame on the tragedy on President Trump. The truth is the answer is much older than that. Trump has only been in power for around half a year after all. The media did stumble upon the answer and it is racism.


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Lamb names ‘Oklahoma Economic Diversification’ advisory committee

Lamb names ‘Oklahoma Economic Diversification’ advisory committee

Oklahoma Business Leaders to Support Efforts to Grow Oklahoma Exports

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – August 14, 2017 – Republican gubernatorial candidate Todd Lamb announced today the formation of his Oklahoma Economic Diversification Committee. The group of Oklahoma business leaders will advise on issues to help diversify Oklahoma’s economy through greater worldwide trade.

“Growing and strengthening Oklahoma’s economy, both within our borders and beyond, is a central component of my Renew Oklahoma plan,” Lamb said. “To that end, I am pleased to announce that prominent Oklahoma business leader Chuck Mills will serve as chairman of my Oklahoma Economic Diversification Committee. Chuck is chairman of the OK District Export Council and president of Mills Machine Company, a third-generation manufacturer located in Shawnee. I am honored to have his business expertise, experience and counsel, as well as that of the other committee members as I pursue the governor’s office.”

Mills commented, “I am excited to help Todd Lamb formulate an advisory committee that will assist him in creating economic development opportunities throughout Oklahoma and beyond. The goal of the committee is to explore all avenues to create broader awareness and opportunities for Oklahoma companies to showcase, and ultimately export, their products. Todd Lamb has the vision and real-life business experience to be a tremendous advocate for Oklahoma businesses, large and small, as Oklahoma’s chief executive officer.”

Committee members include:

  • Keith Briem – Choctaw Global, McAlester
  • Dr. Don Drew – Oklahoma Christian University, Edmond
  • C.R. Freeman – Premium Beef and Grain, Lone Wolf
  • Johnny “Bump” Grant – Consolidated Turbine Specialists, LLC., Bristow
  • Alfred Hernandez – Lopez Foods, Inc., Oklahoma City
  • Heidi Hughes – GEFCO, Inc., Enid
  • Eric Kunkel – CCK Strategies, PLLC., Tulsa
  • George Lee – Red Devil, Inc., Pryor
  • Chuck Mills – Mills Machine Company, Shawnee
  • Dick Morris – Advantage Controls, Muskogee
  • Alfonso Nieves – BuildBlock Building Systems, LLC., Oklahoma City
  • Joe Smith, Jr. – Ditch Witch, Perry

Lamb said additional Oklahoma leaders will be announced in the coming weeks to lead other
advisory committees.

Summer Travels Show the Need for Reciprocity

Summer Travels Show the Need for Reciprocity

Summer Travels Show the Need for Reciprocity

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Dear friend,

With Congress out of session and summer winding down, I spent a few days traveling through the Northeast with my family.

We traveled from Virginia up I-95 through Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey and New York City to attend a wedding in Connecticut, and then to the Adirondacks in upstate New York. 

But with each state we went through, besides the heinous traffic, there came different rules and regulations of how I can — or cannot — possess a firearm.

Even though I have a Virginia carry permit, my right to carry is not recognized in most northeastern states.

Unfortunately, this is the situation many gun owners face when they take a family road trip on summer vacations, and it highlights the need for concealed carry reciprocity. 

That’s why GOA made it a priority this year to get cosponsors and whip votes for H.R. 38, which would fix the concealed carry reciprocity mess.

And believe me, when we walk into a congressman’s office, they almost without exception mention that they’ve been hearing from GOA members in their district.

Even though there’s been a lot of resistance among congressional leaders, your hard work is starting to pay off.   

When Congress comes back into session this September, we expect H.R. 38 to move out of committee and to the floor for a vote in the House of Representatives.  

That’s great news for gun owners, but of course the other half of the battle is getting the bill through the Senate and overcoming a Chuck Schumer-led filibuster.

You’ll be hearing a lot more on that subject in future alerts.

Have you heard?

If you’re traveling in the final days of summer, I encourage you to listen to the second episode of GOA’s podcast, “Firing Back.”

In the first episode, GOA’s Erich Pratt and Remso W. Martinez exposed anti-gun hypocrites. That podcast soared to #55 on iTunes News & Politics in just the first twenty-fours. 

In the brand new second episode, Pratt and Martinez discuss the debate of where rights come from and uncover why the gun controllers want to mask the truth.

It’s available on SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube, or the podcast platform of your choice.  

I hope you’ll check it out as it would make a great educational tool on a family road trip. 

You can also listen below!


John Velleco

Director of Operations
Gun Owners of America
Follow me on Twitter: @Velleco

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Constitution Essentials: The General Welfare Clause

Constitution Essentials: The General Welfare Clause

In this podcast, learn the original meaning of the words themselves, the meaning of “general welfare” in the preamble, and the original meaning and understanding of the clause.

Jason Murphey: The Dastardly Art of Freshman Pawning

Jason Murphey: The Dastardly Art of Freshman Pawning

Much of the time and energy of this legislative session was consumed by the push to raise taxes, even if those taxes were unconstitutional.This push was led by a group of “increase taxes at all cost” ideologues who deployed an array of tactics and…

R3publicans: Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions…

R3publicans: Americans Are Dying Younger, Saving Corporations Billions…

Life expectancy gains have stalled. The grim silver lining? Lower pension costs
Bloomberg reports:

Steady improvements in American life expectancy have stalled, and more Americans are dying at younger ages. But for companies straining under the burden of their pension obligations, the distressing trend could have a grim upside: If people don’t end up living as long as they were projected to just a few years ago, their employers ultimately won’t have to pay them as much in pension and other lifelong retirement benefits.


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