Former Oklahoma GOP Chairman, Chad Alexander
A couple years ago, former OKGOP chairman, Chad Alexander was arrested on Cocaine charges. He cellphone was taken and D.A. David Prater secured a search warrant to retrieve all the communications stored on the device. This became a roadmap for the campaign of Joy Hofmeister and her collusion with the OEA teachers union, the school administrators, and other corporations.

How Liberal Money Buys Off the Republicans

  This narrative also reveals the battle within the GOP over which money sources are used to buy elective office. In the 2012, Labor Commissioner Mark Costello sought to limit the influence of liberal groups to buy Republican nominations. Costello was successful in business and ran for statewide office mostly using his own money. He was opposed by those who have worked with  AH Strategies and R. Fount Holland. We're including that video in this report.
  This narrative has replayed itself over and over. The big money often wins the GOP primary and becomes the nominee. If the liberal lobby groups can buy the GOP nomination, they really don't care if the Democrat loses, because they already own the elective office.   The Hofmeister election is exactly what that looks like.

The DA's charges...

a snippit from the DA's court filing. Click the image to download the full document.
  The depth of control of the money groups, to control and run the OKGOP is about to be partially revealed. We urge grassroots conservatives to pay close attention to this.  And take note of the spin which you are about to be exposed to. These folks ran off newly elected Chairman Randy Brogdon in 2015, with the full force of their influence. A sizable portion of Republicans in state elective office are either owned or controlled by these kinds of operatives.

  One of the defendants is Stephanie Milligan. She announced recently that she and Chad Alexander are soon to be married. But the Prater filing lists Chad Alexander as a witness for the prosecution, and Milligan as a defendant. We can assume Alexander's status as a witness is tied to the data on his cellphone. Don't expect any cooperative testimony to come from Alexander, from the witness stand.

  Chad Alexander now hosts a political radio talk show in Oklahoma City. It is produced by Trebor Worthen (Fount Holland's partner at AH Strategies). Several politicos have described the show as an infomercial for AH Strategies clients. Trebor Worthen often guest-hosts when Alexander is absent.
  We might expect a constitutional argument from the defense on this matter. The prosecutor (Democrat David Prater) obtained the Chad Alexander text messages via a court search warrant.  The likely pretense was to determine further drug related activities. But the use of those  "private papers" for election activities would have to be challenged. This is the kind of issue which Liberty Republicans have been very critical of (expanded police powers). AH Strategies clients have been very critical of the "Liberty " candidates who bring up these constitutional freedoms issues. Typcally, when a search warrant is issued to search a home, only info related to the stated probable cause listed in the warrant can be used in a case. Detectives have to ignore unrelated evidence. They have to prove they didn't just go fishing. the prosecution will now have to prove to a court that they had a probable cause even before looking at Alexander's cell phone.

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