The insider book about Trump and Clinton and the war with the media


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This is the inside account of the 2016 election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.
From Trump Tower to Hillary Clinton’s campaign plane. The story you can’t find on YouTube.
Game of Thorns by Doug Wead
 – On the campaign plane with Clinton, certain of victory, popping champagne.
– Bushes and Clinton’s collaborate early and then betray each other.
– That moment, earlier in life, Trump, all alone, weeps over his father’s death.
– Trump in despair after Access Hollywood, almost quits to let Mike Pence take over.
– An attractive, female televangelist give Trump the inside scoop on evangelicals.
Trump says, I’ve been married three times. Evangelist says, “Me too.”
– Clinton’s post election plan to co-op doctrine in the Catholic Church.
– Jim Comey’s decision after 27 year war between Hillary & FBI

Why the corporate media will now try to remove Trump.

It’s about China and money.

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