I think it’s fair to say that Linda hasn’t been all that impressed with some of the social media venues like Facebook and Twitter heretofore. But, in the last few weeks, she has found that Twitter does has have a few charms…now and then. I can see why Linda has taken notice. First it was IowaHawk’s hilarious tweets sent to President Obama during a “Twitter Town Hall” this summer.

In the last few days, it has been the amazing embarrassment that is Attack Watch. Think Fight the Smears and Flag / Reality Check and you get the gist. The Wall Street Journal’s article title and sub-title rather say it all: “Obama’s Twitter Disaster: In the run-up to 2012, a high-profile effort by the re-election campaign to counter critics has become an online bulletin board for jokes“.

Obama for America, official name for the Obama campaign, is owner of the Attack Watch website. It looks like the brilliant plan by the Obama campaign wizards was hatched sometime in June. (Yes, a WHOIS search is a very useful tool.)

WHOIS GoDaddy Search for AttackWatch.com Domain Name - click to visit

But the Attack Watch website is not the center of the action or what has been making news headlines. It’s the Attack Watch Twitter account which has created a stir.

In internet vernacular, the whole “if you see something, say something” mindset by the Obama campaign has been a monumentally embarrassing #FAIL.

As of Saturday at 4:30pm, there were 9 tweets from the AttackWatch account with an avalanche of tweets from Twitter users directed at it via the standard “at-reply”: @AttackWatch. Since Saturday, curiously, there have been no new tweets by from the AttackWatch account, but the number of jibes is multiplying.

Anyone else wondering what the conversation might be like over at Team Obama?  As the attention to the lame idea increases, can the account and website be pulled? Picture a deer caught in the headlights and that probably sums it up.

But Team Obama has a lot more to worry about than a PR disaster, it seems. All of the @AttackWatch messages are making fun of, poking at, ridiculing, and otherwise taunting the whole endeavor. If there are any genuine reports by Twitter users of inaccurate “attacks” being leveled at poor President Obama, we couldn’t find them.

I was hoping a battalion of labor union members incited by Hoffa, Jr. may well be the only crowd so ideologically committed to a wreckless Obama agenda that they’d actually chant  “four more years”. How fun it would be if I were right. The AttackWatch failure is a hopeful sign: if there are any Obama supporters on Twitter, they are curiously MIA from the @AttackWatch and #attackwatch Twitter streams.

Rather than rallying support for the President, the transparent turn-in-your-fellow-citizens-so-we-can-get-’em effort has even inspired a number of people to create Twitter accounts for the express purpose of making fun of AttackWatch, including…

AttackWatch Twitter Account - click to visit (if you have a Twitter account)

Attack Watch Czar

AttackWatch Enemy

Real Attack Watch

Conservative blogger Jenny Hatch has a fairly comprehensive post on the subject, including a long list of some of the tweets directed at the AttackWatch account. We could not help ourselves, however, we just have to share some of our favorites here. (Want fresh amusement? Just click here if you have a Twitter account.)

[Note for you non-Tweeps: (people who don't use / understand Twitter)...some of the tweets below include shorthand phrases accompanied by the "#" sign. Those are Twitter hashtags, which for ease of understanding are best thought of as a way to code messages of interest to particular subjects and groups on the site. And, RT = Retweet...message repeated.]

We have to start with IowaHawk…right?

#AttackWatch having a rough day over there at the Ministry of Truth, aren’t we? #BigBrotherFAIL

@AttackWatch love the red/black design pallette. Very 1936 Euro-retro.

#AttackWatch I just saw a 60 Foot Woman and a Killer Tomato!

Don’t feel bad #AttackWatch. You’re certainly not the first Obama spaghetti not to stick to the wall.

BREAKING: #AttackWatch to change name to Department of Hopeland Security

What’s the difference between SkyNet and #AttackWatch? Sometime in the future, SkyNet will become self aware.

#AttackWatch I live in Chicago, and haven’t yet seen an ‘Obama 2012′ bumper sticker. I suspect racist Tea Party thieves!

Dear #AttackWatch: 2008 called. It wants its creepy mindless cult of personality back.

Perhaps best suggest slogan for @AttackWatch…

stephenkruiser: “#AttackWatch: U do the reporting on your neighbors, we’ll do the knocking on the door in the middle of the night.” @attackwatch

AttackWatch explained in 140 characters or less…

velvethammer: RT @exjon: #AttackWatch There’s a new Twitter account making President Obama look like a creepy, authoritarian nutjob: @AttackWatch #tcot

_HughBris: @AttackWatch I’m still waiting…for clarification, are we supposed to report lies ABOUT Obama or lies told BY Obama? #attackwatch

Troubling questions about @AttackWatch (and the President’s) future…

Dear @attackwatch, What are you going to do once Obama is out of office? #attackwatch #tcot

stephenkruiser: @AttackWatch Starting a pool on when you’ll join Rev. Wright under the bus-want in? #AttackWatch

andilinks: @AttackWatch @TakeWallStreet We will have one day of rage in Nov 2012 when we kick your goofy Liberal asses out of our gov’t once & for all.

NathanWurtzel: Dear @AttackWatch: My understanding is oftentimes, people prevent Obama from being clear. Can you do something about that?

I’d like some fries with that, peas…

conservativechick: #AttackWatch My 7 yo grandson refuses to eat his peas like Obama said…Can yall send Michelle Obama to “educate” him? K, thx!

JennyHatch: @BarackObama I DENOUNCE MYSELF for thought crimes, have relagated myself to eating a Costco Size Bag of Peas as punishment.. #AttackWatch

Green…the new red…[yeah...think about that one...LOL ;-)   ]

kurtismarsh: Dear @attackwatch one of the largest houses in my neighborhood has no solar panels and 3 gas vehicles and Obama/Biden stickers #posers

MrFeverHead: #AttackWatch Is it called Green Energy because they burn greenbacks? #tcot #solyndra

kurtismarsh: Whew at least @attackwatch #attackwatch will prevent people from thinking Obama had anything to do with Solyndra is.gd/RAGkFR

kurtismarsh: RT @JustPlainBill: .@attackwatch I need to report a fraudulent loan to a Green Company. Can you help?

JonahNRO Jonah Goldberg: I hear the media shop at Solyndra has been snapped up by #attackwatch

Got guns?

lheal: I wonder if @AttackWatch has learned of people selling guns to drug dealers who killed federal agents and covered up the whole thing. #p2

Important, pressing questions for @AttackWatch…

FTWes: Hi, @attackwatch, have you seen my baseball? #attackwatch

TheOsby: @AttackWatch I heard it’s racist for clouds to be black. Can you confirm / deny?

OMG it’s Urgent!…

yoelratz: #AttackWatch, I saw a suspicious ATM today. I think it might be one of those seen b4, killing a job in that alley…

RhondaParsons:@AttAckWaTcH ALERT OBAMA! Neighbors Dog created one Shovel Ready Job! Requesting One Illegal Immigrant and $25 Million ASAP! Over!

RobDeVain: @AttackWatch I want to report a ball of fire in the sky. I think it may be causing global warming, climate change,or as I call it, weather.

DeeinHouston: This is serious, @attackwatch. A co-worker is running with scissors!!! #attackwatch

livingd: @attackWatch some kids are selling lemonade in front of someone’s house and I bet they don’t have a permit. Pesky 3rd graders.

DarylWeaver: Dear #attackwatch. Large subversive cell infiltrated. Next meeting this morning at 10:30. Look for roof with cross. Childcare provided.

Spikylestea: My neighbor wouldnt let go of my eggo waffle. Is nothing sacred from redistribution? #attackwatch @AttackWatch Please advise

Just plain *ouch*…

RussSmith2: Unemployment among blacks is almost 50% under Obama. Why does he hate black people? #tcot @attackwatch #attackwatch

andilinks: People are calling our President the Fresh Prince of Bill Ayers, that’s not allowed is it? #Attackwatch @AttackWatch

56forfreedoom: RT @fuzislippers: Dear #attackwatch Alinsky called, he wants his Rules back #laughingstock #FAIL #tcot #teaparty #gop #dem #p2 #p21 #topprog

informedblackmn: @AttackWatch Will you be explaining why Obama couldn’t write a complex sentence but managed to write Dreams From My Father?

NolteNC: Hi @AttackWatch: You won’t believe this but someone said President Obama could make the oceans rise. Oh, wait–

Tempted to become a Tweeting Tweep?

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Now…if Linda decides to jump in the action…we’ll let you know.


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