National Language Act Introduced In House

Last month, I asked for your help in getting cosponsors and building support for Senator Inhofe’s S.991, the National Language Act of 2009, I promised that I would also try to get a matching bill introduced in the House of Representatives.  I explained that, in the past, official English bills have successfully been passed in the House OR the Senate … but never at the same time.

Well, thanks to Rep. Peter King of New York, a great Congressman and good friend of English First, we now have excellent bills in both chambers, doubling our chances to pass an official language bill this year!  Congressman King’s bill, H.R. 1229, the National Language Act of 2009, is virtually identical to Senator Inhofe’s S.991, ensuring that both bills can be passed quickly without the need of any wrangling between the House and Senate to come up with unified legislation.

About English First
In loving memory of Jim Boulet Jr who made EO13166 a household word in the political arena!

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