OK-SAFE Amanda Teegarden: Guest Hosting on Republic Broadcasting Network – July 9-10th 9AM Central

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Amanda Teegarden, Executive Director of OK-SAFE and host of America in the Balance, will the fill-in host for Maggie Roddin on Republic Broadcasting Network, on Monday and Tuesday, July 9 & 10, from 9 am to 11 am (Central). Maggie’s show is entitled The Unsolicited Opinion. Amanda’s guests for Monday will be…

Unplugged Mom Asks If School is Obsolete and If Home Education is for You and More!

Is School Obsolete? Is Home Education for you? Will Independent learning replace school? These questions and more on Unplugged Mom Radio LIVE!   Unplugged Mom Radio questions the efficacy of Schooling and discusses Home Education Friday, April 20, 2012 at … Continue reading more

Upcoming radio interviews on Health Care Reform; Chinese Foreign Direct Investment

OK-SAFE, Inc.  Executive Director Amanda Teegarden will be the guest on two upcoming radio interviews on the real definition of Health Care Reform (aka “Obama Care”) and why we need stop its’ implementation: Saturday 12/3/11 – 8:00 am to 10:00 am – Govern America with host Darren Weeks – RBN (Link: Saturday 12/3/11 – […]

Introducing Laurette Lynn the Unplugged Mom and Home Educator Extraordinare’

The Unplugged Mom is unconventional … unscripted … uncensored … and a little unstable. Love the tagline! Meet Laurette Lynn. If you are home educating you will want to get to know about her and all the resources she and her unplugged self can ‘plug’ you into! She is a friend, an organizer, an educator and most of all a liberty lover. So get unplugged and free to live and grow!