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Oklahoma: Amanda Teegarden Announces for State Senate Race District 39

I am happy to announce that I am a candidate for State Senate District 39. I hope you will join me in this endeavor. Read my full press release below:

TULSA, OK- Former small business owner and licensed insurance producer, Amanda Teegarden has announced her candidacy for State Senate District 39. Teegarden is the former executive director of a non-profit organization where she spent her time researching legislation and teaching others across the state and country how to make a positive impact in their local government. Teegarden is a lifelong Republican and has been active within the Tulsa County Republican Party for many years. She and husband Mark have two children and one grandchild. Senate District 39 will be vacated by Senator Brian Crain (R-Tulsa) whom is term limited in 2016.

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OKGrassroots Network

OKGrassroots Network

OKG-banner-framed3-e1293868748598Thanks to all our network feeds and groups and friends – please visit their websites to plug in directly with them and their activities!  In some instances, we provide additional information about these groups right here on this website.  We encourage you to get involved and be active with a team of folks in your own geographic area.

Please visit our new top tab project: The Precinct Leader  — If you want to change the world, it starts in your own backyard.  Let’s get busy and get organized and make a difference!

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Place your elected officials on ‘speed dial’ and let them know your thoughts and the reasoning behind those thoughts often for best results!  Remember who works for whom out there.

more info here via OKG:

Tulsa 912 – Breakfast With State Senator Nathan Dahm – July 25th!

Tulsa 912 – Breakfast With State Senator Nathan Dahm – July 25th!

Breakfast Club

Tulsa 9.12 Breakfast Club
Join us Friday, July 25 for the Tulsa 9.12 Breakfast Club, with our guest State Senator Nathan Dahm, a friend of the conservative movement.
Senator Dahm will speak on the 2013 legislative session, what to expect for the 2014 session and other subjects that are important to the conservative grassroots movement.

Friday, July 25 7:30 AM *** First Watch @ 81st & Lewis *** via Ronda Vuillemont-Smith for Tulsa 912

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Tulsa 912 and OK-SAFE Joint Press Release on Opposition to PSO Rate Hike

Tulsa 912 and OK-SAFE Joint Press Release on Opposition to PSO Rate Hike

Editor’s Note: Action Item – Please call (405)522-0482 PUD (Public Utilities Division) Attorney Judith Johnson registering support/opposition and comments when you call. This number is in addition to the number mentioned in the press release below. While the hearing date is past, it is not too late to make some phone calls! There appears to be no justification for raising the rates now to monitor your actions (like ultimately reducing your rates – nope not in the plan); but rather instead more costs now and more costs ongoing. Why would we permit this to occurs? A more important question, why would we leave people in charge like this who would even suggest such a thing?!/sc

Tulsa 9.12 Project Organizes Opposition To PSO Rate Hike


See press release here:

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Appeals Court Deals Major Blow to Affordable Care Act

Appeals Court Deals Major Blow to Affordable Care Act

OK-SAFE, Inc. – Some good news about the Unaffordable Care Act. From the WSJ Blog 7/22/14: Appeals Court Deals Major Blow to Affordable Care Act – by Jacob Gershman A federal appeals court on Tuesday dealt a serious blow to the Obama administration’s implementation of its signature health-care law, striking down subsidies available to some consumers […]
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Urgent! Public Hearing on PSO Rate Increase Monday 7-21-14

OK-SAFE, Inc. – OK-SAFE joins the Tulsa 912 Project in their opposition to PSO’s proposed rate increase and smart meter rollout. From the Tulsa912 Project: Oklahoma Corporation Commission – Notice of Public Meeting Oklahoma Corporation Commission has issued a “Notice of Public Meeting” to discuss PSO’s request for a rate adjustment in the amount of $24 million, for the purchase and installation of 520,000 wireless “Smart Meters.[…]

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Randy Barnett — the Taxpayer’s Best Friend in HD10 — Patriot * Veteran * Man of Faith

Randy Barnett — the Taxpayer’s Best Friend in HD10 — Patriot * Veteran * Man of Faith

Randy Barnett is ready to go to work for you the taxpayer, protecting, preserving, and defending your rights. He knows the constitution and has always stood for you as a veteran and in the private sector too.

I wish I lived in his district and could…

What do Smart Meters and the Dunlap Family have in Common?  Can you say RFID Lobbyist at Work!

What do Smart Meters and the Dunlap Family have in Common? Can you say RFID Lobbyist at Work!

Would you cast a vote that EMPOWERS a POLITICIAN turned CORPORATE LOBBYIST?

Would you even know if you were doing so?

Consider  a 4th generation politician who has a family member that represents Oklahoma Gas and Electric and a list of other corporations lobbying for favors all the time and getting paid to do so.

Jim Dunlap Consultants Client List

Would you vote for them if you knew that a family member represents companies working to infringe on your 4th amendment rights to privacy by supporting and lobbying for companies who have made sure you have no way to opt out of the installation of Smart Meters?

Do you know which companies lobbied for this bill?

Many districts and races are effected around the state.

Be sure you know the linkages in your area and do not vote for those involved in this corporate scheme.

The contrast is very clear in the race in HD10.