ConspiracyCards website author says: “Here are a few toy concepts I had fun creating. It’s my little way of getting the truth out with a bit of humor. New toys are added all the time…so check back. Also, feel free to write me if you have a good idea that can help spread the truth. Click on the thumbnail image to view the larger version. Enjoy !”

Humor can be a very effective tool. But it’s grown rather dusty in the toolbox of folks who don’t abide political correctness, outright lies, or other nonsense well. For some reason, the ability to produce witty and effective video has been largely lacking from the common sense, truth telling crowd. Until recently – at least […]

Can you Walk on Water? Can you Run on Water? Can you Swim?

Liquid Mountaineering is a new sport which is attempting to achieve what man has tried to do for centuries: walk on water. Or to be more precise: running on water. We are developing the sport from scratch. By accident we found out that with the right water repellent equipment you can run across bodies of water, just like a stone skimming the surface.

Liquid Mountaineering

Okay, sports fans, here is something you will never read in The Blue and Gold.  Not because it hasn’t crossed their minds but rather because they need ongoing access to the players and coaches and I don’t.  They can’t afford to offend the administration.  I can.  You can thank Al Gore that this discussion can […]

Herding Cats

As we learn from our mistakes, this all leads up to a really big event on July 4th. We have momentum going and the present Administration is supplying plenty of fuel almost on a daily basis.

It’s time to get everybody on one page, and I think we can do it if we can just decide where that page will be.

And so, in the true spirit of the Old West and the American Frontier, perseverance and independance;