Don't believe it for a moment. The American Left, as a whole, does not support civil liberties. All that protestation of about Bush and Cheney's allegedly unconstitutional expansion of presidential powers was just a bunch of empty hand-waiving….

We have written numerous articles about the Chinese miracle with the intent of trying to explain that while China may have created a Western competitive face, the reality is otherwise. We have provided these articles because the current Western approac…

We have long held that the war is being waged specifically and obviously against the Pashtun. But given that the two great tribes of this region both seem unfavorable to continued Western intervention, the West is likely unable to bring the war to a su…

Last week ended with some promising news on finally stopping the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately, the administration still seems to believe that shutting down working oil wells is a higher priority than effectively dealing with the broke…

Must See Video of FBN’s #1 Napalitano in Utah on Origin of Rights

This is a most excellent presentation from Judge Napolitano on natural law, history, and unalienable rights following a brief intro from Glenn Beck. Freedom Watch is now the #1 Show on Fox Business Network as reported by the Daily Paul Liberty Forum here and according to Glenn Beck in the first few seconds of this […]

Humor is just another thing that now has a “Made in ____” (not America) label on it. We must go not to China for the commodity of witty barbs with truth, we must look to Israel.
The troupe at LatmaTV, apparently Israel’s version of Saturday Night Live, produced this brilliant video, which is at nearly 1.6 […]

To those who sacrificed so much and to their families  our eternal gratitude and profound respect….

Memorial Day, holiday in the United States observed in late May. Previously designated Decoration Day, it was inaugurated in 1868 by Gen. John A. Logan for the purpose of decorating the graves of Civil War veterans and has since become […]

A few months ago, I was invited to a taping of a grassroots tv show by Lincoln, Nebraska’s very own Give Me Liberty TV.
I say GML-TV is grassroots because it is a group of local folks who wanted to have an impact on people in some way that was being tried. They opted to put […]