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Alternative to Virtual Strip Searches & Groping: How About PROFILING Terrorists & the Free Market?

As the revolt grows against the police-state type tactics now being employed at America’s airports, some alternatives to this insanity which have been proposed for years are now being heard during prime time on Fox News. The general tone on Bill O’Reilly’s show has shifted a great deal just since last week when he had […]

Max Keiser interviews David DeGraw about The Road Through 2012: Revolution or WWIII

In this edition of Press TV’s ‘On the Edge with Max Keiser’, Max has an interview with the journalist, David Degraw, who has just published a book named The Road Through 2012: Revolution or World War III. Degraw believes that the so-called global banking cartel of financial terrorists are bent on destroying global economies so that only they themselves, who he believes are only one tenth of %0.01 of the global population, prosper and everyone else suffers and remains poor. He says Americans only have two years to prevent a third world war by revolting against this one tenth of %0.01 of the population or financial terrorists as he calls them.