“Cold War-era government bunkers across the country were built to house the President and various Washington elites — members of a so-called ‘shadow government’ in the worst nuclear Armageddon scenario. Since September 11, 2001, Congress has intensified their interest in and funding of top secret ‘Continuity of Government’ (COG) in ways not seen since the Cold War.” Continue reading

“President Donald Trump and allies may complain on Twitter and out loud how the Deep State illegally snooped on him under his predecessor, Barack Obama, but that doesn’t mean the White House wants less surveillance authority. The White House and several GOP senators have made it official: They want to make some significant surveillance authorities permanent under law without addressing concerns by civil liberties and privacy advocates that these authorities are being used to collect Americans’ data without the use of warrants.” Continue reading

“Iowa makes it a crime for doctors to open up a new location and offer services without obtaining special permission known as a ‘certificate of need.’ Permission is not easy to come by: Dr. Birchansky must persuade state officials that his outpatient surgery center is ‘needed’ in the proposed location through a cumbersome process that resembles full-blown litigation and that allows existing businesses (his competitors) to oppose his application. This process amounts to nothing more than certificates of monopoly.” Continue reading

“Police could stop arresting people for drug crimes, and focus on violent and property crimes if they wanted to get by with less personnel. They could even pull some officers off speed-trap duty and actually respond to desperate calls for help. But no, the solution is to simply hire heroin addicts and crack heads. That will surely improve the tensions between the public and police. How could this go wrong, hiring even lower quality officers than before?” Continue reading