Statists all across the United States, especially those within the mainstream press, are uncorking their champagne bottles today and celebrating the newest deal that lifts the debt ceiling.

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Despite the fact that the legislation only allows for the state to invest funds in precious metals, but does not require it, the Maine Office of the State Treasurer lobbied against the bill in a hearing on April 26.

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The founders and old revolutionaries used the word “depreciation” to describe what we call “inflation” today. Their way is much better – because when people understand that money is worth less (or worthless), it’s much easier for them to understand the cause of the problem in the first place.

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I consider the withdrawal or transfer of those deposits in the face of all those assurances of the “soundness and resiliency” of the banking system to be a very positive and hopeful sign. It indicates that perhaps a large number of Americans are no longer sheeplings that place their blind trust in the fox.

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A massive crisis created by the government, perpetuated by the government. We’re all feeling the pains already today – but the government “solutions” are only guaranteed to make things much worse.

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Bernanke was Fed chairman when the housing bubble, created by his predecessor Alan Greenspan in the wake of the bursting of Greenspan’s tech bubble and the 9-11 attacks, exploded. When the housing market collapsed, Bernanke worked with Congress and the Bush administration to bail out big banks and Wall Street firms.

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This refers to the devaluing of the Continental dollar by excessive money printing. As more and more Continentals were created and put into circulation, they value of each one dropped. Eventually, the Continental dollar was all but useless.

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This masterful propaganda and gaslighting campaign demonstrates how the feds manage to prop up support for themselves despite objectively wrecking almost everything they touch.

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