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How the Experts for the People Are Shut out by Mainstream Media

Mainstream media outlets seem oblivious to the blatant economic conflicts of interest inherent in groups such as the Heritage Foundation, the American Enterprise Institute and professors who moonlight with corporations.

March 01st, 2018

By Ralph Nader

Opinion — Ever wonder how the television, radio and newspaper people select whom they are going to interview or get quotes from when they are reporting the news or producing a feature? I do. What I’ve learned is that they go to guests that are connected with the established powers—such as think tanks in Washington, D.C. that work on “the military-industrial complex” policy (to borrow President Eisenhower’s words) and somehow lean toward more warmongering (e.g. NPR and the U.S.-Iran relationship) or backing more weapon systems (such as a new nuclear bomb arsenal and more F-35s and aircraft carriers).

Photo credit:  Then Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates walks off the set after appearing for a taping of CNN’s Late Edition with Wolf Blitzer, where he discussed the Iraq War, Aug. 5, 2007, in Washington. (AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari)

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If you’ve spent much time at all on these pages, you know that my favorite hobby-horse for several years now has been the Federal Reserve’s policy of paying interest on (banks’) excess reserves (IOER) at an above-market rate. By adopting that policy in October 2008, the Fed…

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Q has absolutely demonstrated beyond doubt that he is working with President Donald Trump to bypass the Main Stream Media in order to bring the truth to the people.

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