August 29, 2022

Most federal infrastructure spending is unconstitutional. That sounds like crazy talk, right? But only is you think James Madison was crazy too.

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Using the wisdom and warnings of the Founders, it should be pretty obvious that we don’t live in the “land of the free.” Instead, an arbitrary government that keeps growing and growing – and growing – the very definition of a tyranny.

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Locke ranks as one of the most influential political philosophers and Enlightenment thinkers. His theories on natural law, social compact theory, property, psychology, monetarism, and republicanism have had a profound effect on the development of the western world.

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Have you checked the mid-term results? You voted didn’t you?

Check out Don’s 10-minute video where he breaks down some of the races and pointed out how fewer republican voters turned out in District 26 on August 23rd and the incumbent …