Nebraska Election Results

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The Nebraska Secretary of State has well-run, timely updated webpages for publishing election results as they are reported from across the state.

Nebraska Secretary of State Election Night Results main page

Click to visit the Nebraska Secretary of State Election Night Results main page

Results are reported for the following:

U.S. Congressional District
Senate / Statewide

  • U.S. Senate
  • Governor
  • Secretary of State
  • State Treasurer
  • Attorney General
  • Auditor of Public Accounts
  • Initiative Measure 425 – Minimum Wage Increase

Judicial Retention
Community Colleges
Educational Service Unit
Learning Community
NRD & Reclamation
Reclamation District
State Board of Education
Public Service Commission

For county offices and local issues (i.e. school bonds), results are reported by County Election Commissioners.

Lancaster County 2014 Election Results

Douglas County 2014 Election Results


I’ve updated the results article from 2012 to include NEW LINKS to EVERY Nebraska county’s 2014 results, if they are available. CLICK HERE TO VISIT THAT PAGE (it will take some work to merge things)

Whether or not live results are provided online depends upon how your county choose to handles it. If you’ve never gone looking either for the website for your county or live online results before, it looks like the Nebraska Association of County Officials’ website has a convenient tool to select a county, and, where available provides a website link.

Finally, while not live, the Nebraska Association of County Officials’ website also provides some compiled results on their website, after the fact, here.

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