Are Socialists Better on Gun Rights than Mainstream Republicans or Democrats?

I’ve often told a story related to me by my friend Anthony Gregory – about a Berkeley communist being pretty solid on gun rights. The story, in essence, talks about a marxist being so far left that they come full circle to the same view as someone on the far right.

“Of course I support the 2nd Amendment.”

The caveat, or the difference in reasoning behind the support is clear:

“The workers, they have to be armed!”

Whatever one’s reason for supporting – a natural right is a natural right. It doesn’t depend on a political viewpoint.

Today I read an incredibly interesting article from, of all places, The Socialist Worker, taking a similar view. While my libertarian and conservative friends might have a hard time reading it in full, if they do so with an honest and open view, I think they’ll see this socialist writer’s support for the 2nd Amendment is much stronger than some mainstream Democrats and Republicans.

My view? I don’t need to agree with everything a person says – or even much of it – to find common ground on something important.

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