Linda’s Birthday Gift To You: A Little Sunday Sunshine

Editor’s Note: To Linda’s birthday note, I’ve added a picture taken recently at Pioneers Park (by the pond, under columns from the old D.C. Treasury building). Please join with me in wishing our friend Linda a very happy birthday.

Today’s my birthday, so I wrested my thoughts away from the gloom and doom of the headlines to meditate on life and the world in general.

I’m taking you with me.

At the risk of being trite, my 57 years here on earth convince me that it’s not the the path you walk but the quality of the companionship you enjoy along the way that is both memorable and meaningful. But you must remember that you’re not here to be entertained. You are called to come alongside and be that quality companion to others that you seek for yourself.

So, my friends here at the GiN joint, it’s my birthday. Have one on me.

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P.S. (From Linda) — For those political junkies looking for a “hit” today and disappointed because the article is personal rather than political, perhaps the guy dancing in front of the old portable “tube” TV in the grass hut at about 4 minutes into the video is Obama’s Kenyan half-brother.

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