Nebraska’s Primary Election, May 13th, SAMPLE BALLOTS

decision ahead sign

decision ahead sign

Each election season, GiN posts links to the sample ballots well before election day so our readers can bone up on all the candidates and all the races, not just those that gain the attention of the mainstream media.  I’m a little slow on the draw this year, but here they are such as they are, fresh from the Nebraska Secretary of State’s website (right-click on each of the ballots to open a link to a readable/printable version).

STATEWIDE OFFICESgop sample ballotlibertarian sample ballot 2014democratic sample ballot 2014Board of ed etc sample ballot 2014STATE LEGISLATURE — 2 PAGES

(Right-click will take you to a PDF of BOTH pages, just scroll down when you get there!)

State legislature sample ballot 2014 pg 1Voters seeking an advance look at the sample ballots for the remainder of the offices in play can go here to view them all.

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Decision Ahead: Proceed Slowly

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