Washington County School Board Elections – February 8th

There are 3 government elections in all 23 precincts in Washington County on February 8. Three school districts have school board elections: Copan, Skiatook and Tri-County Technology Center. Please open the attached file called “Washington County”; it is the summary of the candidates in these elections. The summary includes the name of each candidate, the office they are running for, their phone number and e-mail address (if they have an e-mail address). The Washington County Election Board phone number is 918-337-2850.

On the Pat Campbell show January 5, 2011 Republican Tulsa Mayor, Dewy Bartlett explained his position on why he believes Tulsa and Oklahoma both need a “Closing Fund.”Mayor Bartlett explains, “One of the things that would help us tremendously …

Listen LIVE Tonight 6pm: CIR – Health Care – More!

Listen TONIGHT – LIVE Friday, February 4, 2011 6:00pm – 8:00pm Shelli has been asked to sit in once again for Kaye Beach on the Axxiom for Liberty radio show. Perfect timing! There’s a lot to talk about… High costs for public employee salaries and benefits is a problem everywhere, but it’s an even bigger […]

Homeschooling is a right enjoyed by parents and students alike, and one which has produced better results than the government-run institutions.   One Oklahoma legislator wants to change that. State Senator Jim Wilson (D-SD 3) has authored SB 393 and SB 394, both targeting one of the least regulated and most successful institutions in Oklahoma – […]

The big news Monday was the opinion issued by Judge Roger Vinson of  the U. S. District Court for the Northern District of Florida in the Attorneys General lawsuit, declaring the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (a/k/a Obamacare) unconstitutional.  His ultimate conclusion is probably being equally celebrated and condemned in the mainstream media and […]

Egypt, Iran, Iraq, and Afghanistan are all examples of how government, no matter how many billions we throw at them, will NEVER do the job the church was created to do. This is the REAL story behind the chaos in Egypt. The US for years has spent bill…

10 Untold Truths About Health Care Law State Officials Hope You Miss

By Shelli Dawdy Please share this with anyone you know who does not want the health care law implemented. While this article has been written from a Nebraska perspective, the basic facts and information are applicable everywhere. Few Americans are aware that the health care law was written to be implemented step by step by […]

Political Correctness’ biggest impact on freedom is not speech but with city, state, and national budgets. All across this country we have allowed political correctness to dictate spending so we don’t offend and/or single out people or groups. Fr…