TSA Invents New Super Hero-Privacy Man

Call me a cynic but I believe in “Privacy Man” about as much as I believe in any of the other superheros that have flown from the pages of a comic book or across the silver screen. Maybe less. Continue reading →

A 23 year young lady gets exposed and humiliated. As Antoine would say, “Hide your  kids, Hide your wife” By Jim McBride An Amarillo woman is suing the federal government for intentional infliction of emotional distress after Transportatio…

Dangerous ID in Oklahoma?

Now is a good time to get specific about how we can handle the issue of verifying citizenship without trading our sovereignty away. Continue reading →

The Children’s Identification and Location Database

The Children’s Identification and Location Database (CHILD) Project is a secure nationwide network and registry. . .enables law enforcement and social service agencies to locate children and adults with iris biometric recognition technology. Continue…

Oklahoma Kiddies Getting Naked for the Cause

What I am almost positive that you are not aware of is that in 2001 this type of technology and others was tested on 8th graders in Oklahoma Public Schools. Continue reading →

A police dog scratched at your luggage, so we’re confiscating your life savings and you’ll never get it back.” In 1989, police stopped 49-year-old Ethel Hylton at Houston’s Hobby Airport and told her she was under arrest because a drug dog had …

Constitutional Alliance:  New book and DVD – Your Body is Your ID

It has been a long time coming; the Constitutional Alliance’s book and DVD are now available.  Our hope is to reach as many citizens as possible.  We went to great lengths to get input from people that knew little or nothing about our work . . . (originally posted August 30, 2010)