Last week I had the privilege of hosting Mises Institute President, Jeff Deist. We sat down and had a nice chat for the Mises Weekend podcast, my 2nd appearance there. I hope you’ll find it interesting and enjoyable to listen to: From the Mises Institute: Michael Boldin from the Tenth Amendment Center joins Jeff Deist to discuss…

“The Swiss government has created a blockchain taskforce to begin regulatory framework on startups and initial coin offerings. Switzerland has long been accepting toward blockchain startups and cryptocurrency organisations, and is home to ‘Crypto Valley,’ a region in the country known for the number of companies developing projects based on the technology.”

“China’s market for reliable wealth management products is expected to explode in coming years, through the sales of funds and banking products, and traditional finance houses are now being seriously challenged in the market by emerging internet financial companies. Tencent has already teamed up with Howbuy, an online distributor of mutual funds, and a number of fund houses to line up nearly 100 mutual funds products via WeChat.”

“Its tech giants hold three drawcards: faster growth in salaries, opportunity and a sense of home. China’s internet space is enjoying bubbly times, with compensation sometimes exceeding American peers’. One startup was said to have hired an AI engineer for cash and shares worth as much as $30 million over four years.”

“The BBC reports 250 ISIS fighters were permitted to leave Raqqa with 3,500 family members to ISIS-controlled territory. The U.S. and British-led coalition reportedly knew about the deal brokered by Syrian Democratic Forces and monitored the exodus. Quentin Sommerville of our partners at BBC report.”