ATLANTA, Ga. (Nov. 16, 2017) – Last month, the Atlanta City Council unanimously voted to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana within the city limits, a step toward effectively nullifying prohibition in practice. Councilman Kwanza Hall sponsored the ordinance. The legislation reduces the penalty for possession of one ounce or less of marijuana to a $75 fine. Instead…

by Jacob G. Hornberger November 13, 2017

The recent October 26 deadline for releasing 50-year-old JFK-assassination records of the CIA and other federal agencies provided an opportunity for people to promote their favorite JFK assassination theories…

“One morning she walked her kids to the bus stop and she was approached by an official from the Claremont school district and a police officer. In very intimidating fashion, they began questioning her about whether or not her children had been vaccinated. When she refused to answer and started recording the interaction they walked away, but that wasn’t the end of it. Later she called the police department and explained what was going on, and she was told that she could be arrested for refusing to vaccinate her children.”

“The brutal war in Yemen has killed well over 10,000 people since Saudi Arabia began bombing the country in 2015, but in recent months cholera has been killing people much faster than bombs. Saudi Arabia, led by its headstrong Crown Prince, Mohammed bin Salman, is hoping to use disease and starvation to force the country to surrender to its terms, a strategy that is on its face a war crime. Murphy’s comments came a day after the House of Representatives voted 366-30 to passing a non-binding resolution that said the U.S. role in the war had not been authorized by Congress.”

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (Nov. 15, 2017) – Yesterday, a Florida House committee unanimously passed a bill that would help facilitate healthcare freedom outside of government regulatory schemes. Rep. Daniel Burgess (R-Zephyrhills) prefiled House Bill 37 (HB37) on Aug. 23. The legislation specifies that direct primary care agreements (sometimes called medical retainer agreements) do not constitute insurance, thereby freeing doctors…

“Venezuelans living with hyper-inflation and a scarcity of cash for buying daily goods will soon have the country’s largest paper bill circulating in recent history. The country’s president announced Wednesday that the new 100,000- bolivar note will hit the streets this week. It will be worth less than $2.50 in U.S. currency in black market dealings. In a nationally broadcast appearance, President Nicolas Maduro held up the new paper bill, while also unveiling a 30 percent boost to the minimum wage. The new denomination is stop-gap measure in an economic plan by Maduro’s government aimed at doing away with the need for paper money.”

“In a televised address early on Wednesday morning, military spokesperson, Major General SB Moyo, said the army was seeking to ‘pacify a degenerating, social, and economic situation’ in the country. The army spokesperson said that once the military’s objectives have been achieved, the situation in the country would return to normal, before urging Zimbabweans to continue with their lives as usual.”

The House leadership signaled this weekend that they are going to pass a budget that relies on living within our means.Most of the Platform Caucus members will be supporting it. Rep. Murphey evidently will not. The sticking point for Murphey is the one added tax hike on a specified class of petroleum production.  The House session is this morning. It can be viewed live at: The bill is available here: http://www.oklegisla […]

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