“Incarceration rates are on the rise alongside economic inequality, and children aren’t exempt. Quite often, the only crime these children have committed is that they’re from vulnerable families or suffering from mental health issues.”

“Those parents may not be eligible to be reunified with their children, according to the filing, which grouped parents not in the U.S. as either potentially eligible or not eligible. The filing also reported that 879 migrant parents have been successfully reunified with their children, up from 364 on Thursday. But 917 parents may not be eligible for reunification at all.”

“The project offers a rare window into the day-to-day operations of a secretive domestic law enforcement agency at a moment of unprecedented criticism — and an eye-opening glimpse at what those operations look like from the perspective of the communities and households most impacted.”

“Many of the people who are critics of President Trump don’t realize that they themselves are partly responsible for much of what Trump is doing. That’s because over the years they have supported the assumption of dictatorial powers by the president. In doing so, they always assumed that their favorite ideal candidate would end up being the one wielding and exercising such powers. They assumed the risk that someone like Trump would end up being the one doing so.”

“The stark contrast of failure and success is an increasingly familiar sight in the Saudi capital as the 86-year-old kingdom undergoes the biggest upheaval in its modern history to adopt a Western-style model of capitalism. Since the government trimmed subsidies and costs rose, the survival of businesses is being determined by different market forces.”

“The current draft omits a clause in the 1976 constitution on the ultimate aim of building a ‘communist society’, instead simply focusing on socialism. ‘This does not mean we are renouncing our ideas,’ Esteban Lazo, president of the National Assembly, was quoted as saying by state-run media. Cuba had simply moved into a different era following the fall of the Soviet Union, he added.”

“He’s not concerned with whether you agree with him on the Constitution, the US Military, or Freedom. More important, Adam asks do you know what his views actually are? Adam says you should be the ‘alpha’ of your own life. You might call him a patriot, or maybe rabble-rouser, but regardless of where you stand, Adam hopes after the 2020 election cycle, you will call him ‘the last President you will never need.'”

“Trump and the deep state are obviously getting frustrated and impatient with the failure of their sanctions to achieve regime change in Iran, just as George W. Bush and the deep state became frustrated with the failure of their sanctions to achieve regime change in Iraq. Thus, no one should be surprised if Iran becomes another Iraq.”