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Candidate Profile: Tom Carlson for Governor

Due to other commitments which tend to monopolize my time these days, I’ve been hesitant to continue the GiN tradition of publishing candidate profiles for fear I could not do them justice.  However, it occurred to me today that the GiN archives are a goldmine of information about a few of the current crop of […]

Nebraska Lawsuit a True “Chicken and Egg” Question

California’s state government is so concerned about the survival of an obscure species of smelt that it has effectively rendered some of the most productive farmland in that state a desert wasteland devoid of water.  Having so successfully <ahem> managed that crisis, California state legislators have now turned their attention to the plight of poultry […]

Health Care Law’s Achilles Heel? A Growing Legal Morass

There are a number of well-kept secrets about the health care law, but I think the increasing legal morass has become the most important. “Morass” is a negative word: A growing number of citizens, businesses, and the state of Oklahoma have turned to the court system to seek relief. This means Americans are – or […]

Ruling: State Lawsuit Against Illegal ObamaCare IRS Rule Can Proceed

On August 11, 2013, a federal judge ruled that the State of Oklahoma has standing to proceed with a lawsuit challenging an Internal Revenue Service rule issued in May 2012 regarding premium subsidies in the form of tax credits and penalties delivered through the Affordable Care Act’s insurance exchange provisions. Oklahoma’s Attorney General Scott Pruitt […]

Constitutional Liberty Coalition Has New Resources to Share and New Information Streams

Constitutional Liberty Coalition is expanding our information streams and creating new ways to share information. Here is a button to link back to our main website on your website. Our contributor sites are featured in the footer on the home page along with their own sharing buttons. We would of course appreciate you linking to us and to our network providers too. Please share IF you are in agreement and find that our work complements yours. We are all for limited constitutional government. We also share a love for life and for liberty as well as a deep desire to please our heavenly Father. We provide news and information from activists on the move. We are all grassroots and an all volunteer network.


Who’s Hate-filled and Bitter? Marriage, Domestic Partner Benefits & Fairness Ordinance

On December 2, 2011, we published an article entitled “NU Domestic Partner Benefits: Trying to Keep Up With The (Immoral) Joneses”, about the Nebraska Board of Regents’ consideration of a policy to extend University of Nebraska system employee benefits to employees’ homosexual and unmarried co-habitating couples. The 2011 article received a comment last month which […]

People Don’t Walk Away From a Fool and His Money

Author’s Note: This is the third in a series of articles about Nebraska’s Medicaid program, the Unicameral’s apparent intent to expand it, and the many reasons why expansion is an uncommonly bad idea. Although they don’t have to be read in order, here are links to the previously-published articles in the series: NE Medicaid Expansion:… more

Republican Cave-In on Health Care: Make Them Own It

As most Americans rightfully turn their attention toward the holiday season and their priority becomes a focus on faith, family, and friends, our elected officials at both the Federal and State levels are busily working on a range of very important issues, from tax rates to individual freedoms in controlling our personal health care decisions.… more

GiN 2012 Election Cheat Sheet (Voter Recommendations)

GiN’s recommendations for the 2012 General Election, with a focus on Nebraska issues. This is a four-page PDF guide.  When viewed on a computer, it has activated (clickable) links to additional information on every issue presented and to outside resources recommended to provide information necessary to fill out one’s ballot on Tuesday. Links to sample… more

NE Ballots: Deciding How to Vote on Those Four Proposed Amendments

If YOU landed here for the first time, looking for a sample ballot or additional information and opinions regarding items that will appear on your ballot, know that you are decidedly not alone. Traffic statistics for our site are proving, once again, voters want to see sample ballots as early as possible, and they want… more

Douglas County, NE Official SAMPLE BALLOT for Nov. 6, 2012

View or download and print the Official Nov. 6, 2012 Sample Ballot for Douglas County, NE. And if you’re looking for additional information to make decisions about voting on the items that appear on this ballot, we encourage you to attend our Pre-Election Presentation, scheduled on two dates for voters’ convenience. Read the article to get more information. more