Grassroots in Nebraska

“Gender Identity” Ordinances: City Officials Subvert the Law

In “Under Those Sermon Subpoenas: ‘Disappeared’ Ballot Initiatives”, I explained that subpoenas issued to a number of Houston pastors in mid-October were part of a larger story with parallels to events here in Nebraska. The targeted pastors were part of a coalition of churches, pro-family Christian organizations, and groups which undertook a petition drive to […]

Nebraska Election Results

The Nebraska Secretary of State has well-run, timely updated webpages for publishing election results as they are reported from across the state. Results are reported for the following: U.S. Congressional District Senate / Statewide U.S. Senate Governor Secretary of State State Treasurer Attorney General Auditor of Public Accounts Initiative Measure 425 – Minimum Wage Increase […]

Top 10: Overlooked in Nebraska Election 2014

By observing the number of visitors to the GiN site during election seasons, it’s easy to see that a lot of Nebraska voters not only seek out a sample ballot some time before they head to the polls, but they are especially interested in more in-depth information about candidates and ballot items. Noting these trends, […]

The Lesser of Two Evils is Still Evil

I was sitting at my kitchen table today sorting through the week’s mail, the lion’s share of which was campaign mailers from political candidates.  That’s not surprising, since the primary election is May 13th.  What was a surprising coincidence was, at that very moment, one of the candidates for the state legislature in my district […]

Candidate Profile: Jon Bruning for Governor

It wasn’t so long ago — only two years, in fact — that Jon Bruning was campaigning for a seat in the U.S. Senate.  He lost the primary contest to Deb Fischer and the rest, as they say, is history. But Jon Bruning is not a fellow to rest on his laurels or, it seems, […]

Candidate Profile: Tom Carlson for Governor

Due to other commitments which tend to monopolize my time these days, I’ve been hesitant to continue the GiN tradition of publishing candidate profiles for fear I could not do them justice.  However, it occurred to me today that the GiN archives are a goldmine of information about a few of the current crop of […]

Nebraska Lawsuit a True “Chicken and Egg” Question

California’s state government is so concerned about the survival of an obscure species of smelt that it has effectively rendered some of the most productive farmland in that state a desert wasteland devoid of water.  Having so successfully <ahem> managed that crisis, California state legislators have now turned their attention to the plight of poultry […]