The Anglo-American power elite provides the Western world with dominant social themes. In the past, certainly in the 20th century, these themes worked wonderfully well. But today, many of these memes are under attack. When the elite muscles them forwar…

A Hint of Reason at the RNC – Thanks Michael Steele!

July 3, 2010 Dear Chairman Steele (via, Thank you for your recent remarks! This is just a note to encourage you that the more the Bush/Cheney wing of the party slams you for standing up and speaking out (just a tiny bit), the more the declared war if you must crowd applauds the fact […]

Once upon a time, this might have been a frightening prediction. But there are so many of them these days. Here at the Bell we call them dominant social themes. They are, in our opinion, (in many cases, anyway) actually fear-based promotions ge…

Meet the Oklahoma “Chippers” and Follow the Money

Here is the story of HB2569 on Scribd below. Follow the money and the story of these capitol offenders in 2010. Meet the “chippers’ and ask yourself if you really want people who want to track you like cattle representing you in any capacity whatsoever.

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

Benjamin Franklin (quoted on statue of liberty)

Polish Plane Crash or Murder?

Jane Burgermeister — April 19, 2010 — Second report from Krakow, Poland. Recorded during President of Poland Lech Kaczynski’s funeral

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Looming Questions: The Race for Governor of Texas

To what degree will you fight for there to be arable land in Texas that has…

…No property tax and no possibility that it can be forced onto you by vote?
…No possibility of the government taking your land?
…No possibility of the government forcing you to vacate your home?

STOP Sotomayor Now -- Vote this week!

STOP Nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to US Supreme Court Position: Senate members should oppose her nomination, vocally. Reasons: Sotomayor has made public statements and issued rulings that indicate: Lack of […]