Deserving of Darts: Debt Ceiling Trial Balloons From Dems and GOP

Considering that most of the wheeling and dealing involved in government goes on behind closed doors, more likely than not most of what we Americans hear and see playing out in the media is maneuvering. These P.R. battles seem to provide politicians the ability to “throw some red meat” to their respective bases of support. […]

Recently, OK-SAFE had the opportunity to interview award-winning investigative reporter, researcher, and analyst Vince Wade on America in the Balance.  (Link here.) This followed our of interview of Prof. William “Bill” Kauffman, retired, Department of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Michigan, who re-counted some of the university’s activities with regard to the Chinese – […]

U.S.-China  –  Selling US Out

OK-SAFE, Inc. 7/8/11 – The following itemizes some, and only some, of the activities the federal and state governments, and universities, are actively engaged in that demonstrate the deepening involvement with the Communist Chinese (and with Russia), particularly through a mechanism called “foreign direct investment.” Foreign direct investment is defined as “investment in the United […]

OF COURSE the Stimulus is Killing Jobs and Unemployment is UP

My reaction to the steady flow of news reports regarding what a failure the February 2009 Stimulus has been can be summed up as follows… Thanks to Norlyn, I was provided with a more enjoyable and clever way to say… “Duh!” I recommend that the President, his many Czars, and the legions of pointy-headed central […]

Missing MOU now on U.S. State Dept. website

On January 19, 2011 the U.S. State Department announced the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) creating a U.S.-China Governors Forum. While fact sheets and summaries were available, including photos of the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, and press conferences were held announcing this document by State Dept. officials, the actual MOU was […]

US Governors Led By Dave Heineman to Pair Up With Chinese July 15

  Nebraskans concerned about U.S. sovereignty and the health of our economy, may want to get in touch with Dave Heineman regarding the upcoming forum explained forum. See the bottom of this article for Governor Heineman’s contact information. Several weeks ago, our friends at OK-SAFE alerted us to the fact that the National Governors Association […]

The REAL ID “Kill Shot” Fired from Oklahoma

For several years OK-SAFE, along with most Oklahomans and the rest of the United States, has objected to the REAL ID national/international ID card and the continued expansion of the collection of personally-identifiable biometric information from the everyday citizens by the government. We’ve issued position papers/fact sheets on the REAL ID, (REAL ID, A Global […]

Debt Ceiling: I Laugh Because I Must Not Cry — That is All!

Editor’s Note: This article is particularly timely considering statements by President Obama at a news conference yesterday (Thursday, June 29, 2011). For a transcript click here, for video, click here. This post is a conglomeration of thoughts around a common theme:  Current Congressional talks re raising the debt ceiling.  The title includes a quote attributed […]