“The Chinese Communist Party on Sunday proposed to abolish the two-term term limit for the president and vice-president, sparking an online backlash which it has been trying to control. Critics flooded Weibo and WeChat — China’s version of Twitter and WhatsApp — to protest the plan, but were swiftly met by the country’s censors. Various Chinese characters for terms like ’emigrate,’ ‘lifelong,’ and ‘I disagree’ were banned, alongside … the letter N.”

“It’s safe to say that we will continue to see many US citizens who live abroad renouncing their US citizenships, possibly still in record-setting numbers. This is not because they don’t love the USA, or because they are greedy tax evaders, but because they simply can’t afford the cost of compliance, which, as a result of FATCA, includes the inability to maintain bank and investment relationships abroad, and frequently, the need to pay tax to two governments on the same piece of income. Indeed, it’s fair to say that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act doesn’t really contain any positive changes for US expats.”