Maryland House Flips the Constitution Upside Down

Yesterday, the Maryland House passed a bill saying they’d legalize hemp as soon as the federal government (or other federal law)  “delegates authority over industrial hemp to the states.”

They felt so strongly about this provision they included it two times one section of the bill:

The Maryland Department  of Agriculture shall notify the Department of Legislative Services within 5 days after the effective date of a federal law delegating authority to the states or authorizing the farming, possession, processing, and sale of industrial hemp. If a federal law does not take effect on or before October 1, 2030, this Act shall be null and void without the necessity of further action by the General Assembly.

They’ve flipped the constitution upside down. The people of the states delegate power to the feds, not the other way around.

Additionally, this dispels two myths:

  1. So-called “liberal” states are happy to defy the feds when it comes to cannabis.
  2. With 91 Democrats and 50 Republicans in the House – and only one NO vote – “only democrats would take this view of the Constitution, totally ignoring the 10th Amendment.”  Actually they’re all bad.

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