AxXiom with Jordan Page on Rule of Law Radio Show in Archives Now — New CD Coming Soon

Jordan Page on Rule of Law Radio (touch the old radio and pick your bandwidth to listen in live) AxXiom for Liberty and Sandra Crosnoe Friday, October 01, 2010 6-8PM CST Additional links and contact information for Jordan Page: Revelushun Records Artist: Jordan Page

Jordan Page: Prophet, Prince feature post on R3publicans

If you missed the show and want to listen please visit the Rule of Law Archives for AxXiom for Liberty – show date Oct 1

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OK, yes, I have been at this for a while but I started young! Philosophically I am a conservative, limited government freedom lover. I was a co-founder of R3publicans in 2008 (after the Ron Paul campaign). OKGrassroots and Constitutional Liberty Coalition arose out of local coalition efforts and teaparty efforts in the 2009/2010 timeframe. I live in Oklahoma now, but I grew up in Texas and was a cofounder of Associated Conservatives of Texas in the 90's. We launched the Traveling Liberty Bell there with my good friends the Halls. Ring the bell whenever you get the chance! Together we are working to restore the republic and proclaim liberty throughout the land. For Life and Liberty, Sandra Crosnoe Finding Gems & Sharing Them - my personal blog R3publicans OKGrassroots Constitutional Liberty Coalition


  1. Doing this show was a blast; visit Rule of Law radio to listen to it in archives and get a sneak preview of some of Jordan’s new music. He is taking it to a new level with this release which should be out sometime in October. Blessings all/sc