April 6, 2010

Help us on the IMDb

Ron Paul haters trashed For Liberty’s 10 star rating on The Internet Movie Database (IMDb). Help get the film a higher star rating by visiting the film’s page and clicking on the stars by “User Rating”. If you don’t have an account, consider signing up for free here so you can voice your opinion on […]

Did multilingual ballots and illegal alien voting determine who won close races in the last election?  Who knows for sure?  But what I can tell you, for certain, is that, every year, more and more Americans are having their votes cancelled out by ten…

As the headline indicates, the full text of the complaint challenging the constitutionality of federal health reform legislation is now available online.  The suit was filed by the Attorneys General of 14 states, named in the complaint.  On Monday, April 5th, Indiana and North Dakota joined in the suit, bringing the total to 16.  News […]

Very good article on selling with written words and ads:
“People don’t read advertising, they read what’s interesting. Sometimes, it’s an ad.”
Howard Gossage
What I Learned at the Franklin Mint — That Most Marketers Still Don’t Know
By Drayton Bird
How many geniuses have you met?
I met Charlie Chaplin (very briefly) in 1966 while working on publicity for the […]