January 18, 2013

Oklahoma Resolution Against the RNC Rule Changes

Reblogged from Liberty Live Blog Team: This resolution was written to make it clear that Oklahoma does not stand with the 2012 rules passed by the RNC in Tampa, FL. This was introduced and discussed at Oklahoma’s Republican state committee … Continue reading

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State…”

Today I’d like to talk a little more about guns and the ongoing loss of freedoms in general within the US and Oklahoma. First of all, let’s set the record straight. The last part of the 2nd Amendment states “…shall … Continue reading

“The easiest prediction to make for 2013 is that everything we eat will once again rise sharply in price. So where will the revolutions start this year? Keep an eye on Algeria and Greece — and if you want to feel very nervous, Russia and China. And if you are smart, keep your money out of those countries as well. The link between the cost of feeding your family and political turmoil is too well-established to be ignored. We saw it most recently with the Arab Spring of 2011. The uprisings that deposed the autocracies of the Middle East had their roots in food inflation.” Continue reading

David Galland: Lessons from the Argentine

“In today’s missive, I plan on sharing just a few of the lessons learned since moving to Cafayate in the Salta province in scenic northwest Argentina. It’s my hope that my observations will be of use to you in getting through the challenging times still ahead for the major developed economies. That’s because, as I probably don’t need to tell you, the Argentines have almost unparalleled experience in surviving the regular financial crises their government has proven so adept at creating. In fact, since Juan Perón took office in 1946, not a single ten-year period has passed without being molested by a serious crisis, and often more than one.” Continue reading

“Alex welcomes Ron Paul’s former congressional chief of staff and constitutional lawyer Lew Rockwell to give his take on the ensuing all out frontal assault on personal sovereignty.” Continue reading

“This is really a great interview and very refreshing to hear as Whole Foods co-CEO John Mackey not only defends capitalism and free markets but tells Greta that the problem with the world isn’t that there’s too much capitalism, but that there’s not enough of it.” Continue reading

“A former Georgia State Patrol Trooper is indicted for stealing marijuana from the Post evidence locker, and giving it to teenage girls. Jaa Tucker was arrested by the Early County Sheriff’s Office this morning. He posted bond and was released. He is charged with theft by government employee, distribution of marijuana, and violation of oath of office. The Thomasville GBI Post is handling the investigation. A GSP source says that Tucker was fired last year.” Continue reading

“Barbara Alice Mahaffey, an elderly resident of Vernal, Utah, died at home of colon cancer on May 21 as her husband of 58 years stood at her side. The death of his long-time spouse was bad enough, but what came next has Ben Mahaffey furious — and heading to court. Mahaffey, 80, filed a lawsuit against the city of Vernal earlier this month charging that Vernal police interrupted his last goodbyes by searching his house for her prescription pain medication without a warrant within minutes after her death. Mahaffey said he was distraught and trying to ensure that his wife’s body would be transported to a funeral home with dignity when police insisted he help them look for drugs.” Continue reading