Reflections: Looking Back and Looking Ahead

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It’s that time of year again. We’ve started working on the 2018 edition of our annual State of the Nullification Movement Report.

Tackling this 70-plus page report every year is a lot of work. But it’s also a good opportunity to take a step back, look at the big picture and reflect. It’s also a chance to pause and look ahead toward the year to come.

Looking at the big picture is good for my psyche.

During the legislative session, I tend to get very myopic. I focus on one bill and one task at a time. One day, I might be talking to a state representative about a bill addressing surveillance. The next day, I might find myself writing testimony for a hemp bill. The next day, the focus might shift to the Second Amendment. It’s almost impossible to keep up with everything going on at any given time. When I get to the end of the session, I’m pretty much in a daze. I know a lot of stuff happened, but I can’t really say what!

Being something of a pessimist by nature, I generally tend to underestimate the successes and overstate the failures. That’s why the State of the Nullification Movement report is so important. It highlights all of the success from the past year. And every year as I write the report, I’m amazed at just how many successes there were.

Consider this, last year, state legislatures passed more than 30 laws that push back against federal power in some way.


Years ago, we would’ve been happy with one or two.

This year’s report will highlight all of these bills, along with the various issues they address. It will also reveal some of the exciting things in the works for 2019.

When taking a stand for the constitution and liberty, it’s easy to feel beat down. It’s easy to feel like we’re not making any progress. The day-to-day work of activism can become a grind. But when I work on the State of the Nullification Movement report, I’m reminded that we are taking huge steps forward. Every year, more and more states push back against federal power on more and more issues. Ten years ago, we were ignored. Five years ago, we were laughed at. Today, we’re leading a revolution of thought!

While we’re working on this year’s update, you can read last year’s report HERE.

This is extremely important.

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