In his 1850 pamphlet, “A Defence for Fugitive Slaves,” Lysander Spooner gave us a strategy for how to stop unconstitutional acts: resist. But the philosophical foundation he built this on was nothing new under the sun. In fact, the famed anarchist was merely reaffirming the views of leading Founders.

Path to Liberty: September 29, 2021


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A Defence for Fugitive Slaves (1850)

Oliver Ellsworth – Connecticut Ratifying Convention (7 Jan 1788)

Roger Sherman (8 Dec 1787)

Gov. Samuel Johnston – North Carolina Ratifying Convention (29 July 1788)

Thomas Jefferson – Kentucky Resolutions (10 Nov 1798)

Alexander Hamilton – Federalist No. 78

James Iredell – North Carolina Ratifying Convention

Theophilus Parsons – Massachusetts Ratifying Convention (23 Jan 1788)

What’s the Deal with all the Obedience?

Trial by Jury: Defense Against Tyranny

Lysander Spooner vs the Fugitive Slave Act


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