Focusing Only On Fiscal Issues & Economy HUGE Mistake

Focusing on fiscal issues alone is a trap

This three video series lasting approximately 30 minutes is worth the watch. Speaking to a church congregation, Ann Coulter entertains with her typically cutting wit. Beyond that, however, she speaks to essentially every pressing issue of the moment and the political forces at work.

In some ways Coulter’s wit is cutting because she is one of the few Americans who will address subjects others refuse to touch. In addition to pointing out the many flaws of leftist ideology and the politicians who push to see it become public policy, Coulter also highlights some truths about the costs of health care few others mention, how the country is on the verge of economic disaster in large measure because the American people pressure government to spend, spend, spend while at the same time expecting that taxes will be kept low.

And most importantly for those interested in how to win the battle over which way the country is going to go; will it be the oppressive socialist welfare state or the free market, self-reliant, and independent America envisioned 230+ years ago? Coulter makes the point that addressing fiscal issues alone will not result in victory. (If that is your key area of interest and you don’t want to watch all three videos, Coulter speaks on this topic mostly in the second video.)

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