Bill Stops Bilingual Ballots; Prevents Illegal Voting

Did multilingual ballots and illegal alien voting determine who won close races in the last election?  Who knows for sure?  But what I can tell you, for certain, is that, every year, more and more Americans are having their votes cancelled out by tens of thousands of people unlawfully voting in federal elections. 

Are you upset that your vote could be cancelled out by an unlawful voter and your government is doing nothing about it?  You ought to be.  Your right to vote is the only thing that keeps our government in check.  Without it, America would quickly become another country where the government rules – not serves – the people.

Although most of the nations of the world have an official language, the United States does not.  We never thought we would need one.  And, until a couple of decades ago, we didn’t. 

America was known as the “melting pot.”   Immigrants from all different races, colors and nationalities, from every corner of the globe came to America for a better way of life.  They wanted to learn our language, our culture and our American way of life.  And that’s why America never bothered to make English our official language.

But now, things have changed.  Instead of immigrants adopting our way of life, today’s immigrants are demanding that we turn our country upside down to suit them! 

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